A Loot of Noodles

Podcast - Korea - QiRanger - TravelThe QiRanger Adventures Podcast: S2E11
Release Date: 2012-04-15

1) Welcome and News

  • Small World – Listeners’s girlfriend had to provide translation for the returned teacher
  • Elections
  • Appearing on Arirang Radio 4/20
  • Lady Gaga Concert
  • Vlogs

2) Content RE<Wind

3) QOTW: From YouTube Viewer American Girl Teacher, Joanna: Do Koreans have as bad of a temper as dramas and movies portray? Of course I know not all people are alike, but I was curious since it is portrayed all the time on dramas.

Send your questions to podcast@qiranger.com or @qiranger on twitter. I’ll answer them in the podcast or make a personal video response.

4) Travel Talk: From 1013 Mainstreet, we’re going to the Yucatan!

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