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Nambu Bus Terminal
why teach in korea

KAM Chats: Coming to Korea

This week on Korea and More Chats, Tom and I are discussing how we came to arrive in Korea to teach English. It’s something I’ve spoken about many times before,…

korean snack doritis bomb

Korean Snacks: Doritos BOMB!

It’s Korean snack time again and today we have a unique offering. While the bag says Doritos, it really isn’t the same Doritos you’d find in the US. In Korea,…

korea weight

Lose weight while walking in Korea!

Last year, Seoul published a study noting that 25% of its residents were obese and vowed to implement changes to improve overall health. It seems that one has now cropped…

korean university

Korean University Lunch: An odd pairing

A pairing I would have never come up with… 0Shares

chia seeds

Chia seeds give me running power!

In which I talk about eating chia seeds… Yes, those chia seeds and how we get them in Korea. You can get tons of health food items shipped to Korea…

Why do Korean bank doors open inwards?

Why do Korean bank doors open inwards?

Today I attempt to answer the question, “Why do Korean bank doors open inwards?” 0Shares


Walking through Itaewon’s Streets

This week on the Walk and Talk I head to Itaewon. Located adjacent to the Yongsan Garrison, for many years it was a place many went to for late night…

Uploading Podcasts to iTunes

Uploading Podcasts to iTunes

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about podcasting lately. The most common question seems to be about uploading podcasts to iTunes. The honest answer – there is no way…

choco pie

The Ultimate Korean Choco Pie?

If there’s one Korean snack food that is probably more loved than anything else it’s the Choco Pie. Just about everyone in Korea loves this cake covered in chocolate syrup…