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chia seeds

Chia seeds give me running power!

In which I talk about eating chia seeds… Yes, those chia seeds and how we get them in Korea. You can get tons of health food items shipped to Korea…

Why do Korean bank doors open inwards?

Walking through Itaewon’s Streets

This week on the Walk and Talk I head to Itaewon. Located adjacent to the Yongsan Garrison, for many years it was a place many went to for late night…

Uploading Podcasts to iTunes

Uploading Podcasts to iTunes

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about podcasting lately. The most common question seems to be about uploading podcasts to iTunes. The honest answer – there is no way…

choco pie

The Ultimate Korean Choco Pie?

If there’s one Korean snack food that is probably more loved than anything else it’s the Choco Pie. Just about everyone in Korea loves this cake covered in chocolate syrup…

Gangnam Bus Stop

Is the Korean government solely to blame for safety?

Many in Korea are criticizing the Korean government over perceived lack of oversight where it comes to public transportation safety. They refer to the tragic Sewol ferry sinking and the…

Business Turnover in Korea

Quick Turnover in Korea

Things move at a quick pace in Korea. In fact, a joke among many expats is that your favorite shop can be open one day, gone, the next, and completely…

yonjusa temple buddha's birthday korea

Yongjusa on Buddha’s Birthday

This week on the on the Walk and Talk, Jo and I return to one of our favorite places in the Hwaseong area: Yongjusa. What made our visit a little…


A scary story

A story about the first time when I was scared. Nearly all the events in the story are true. Download the story. What scared you for the very first time?

shooting games

Korean Shooting Game

In South Korea, it’s common to see a wide variety of claw games outside stores. Over the years, I have inserted several bills into them in an attempt to win…