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Sokcho port

Get Out There #15: Sokcho Port

Jo, Wendy, and I stroll through the port shops along South Korea’s east coast in Sokcho. 0Shares

quikpod sport

The new QuikPod SPORT

Over the past two years, I’ve really changed the way I’ve shot my videos. Everything used to be handheld, but that changed a couple of years ago. When I started…


How to eat stroopwafels

A few weeks ago while discussing Amsterdam on my radio segment, I mentioned that my favorite treat from The Netherlands was stroopwafels or Dutch waffles. As soon as that VLOG…

teaching in korea vocabulary games

The Ultimate Vocabulary Game

The school year has just started in Korea and will be starting shortly in Japan. That means one thing – time to pull out your bag of tricks and get…

Super Spicy,Korean Ramen,불낙 볶음왕컵

Speed Eating Spicy Ramyun

So last week, I made a video about the Korean Spicy Ramyun making the rounds. I wasn’t all that impressed with them, but several people called me out for making…

Super Spicy Korean Ramen (불낙 볶음왕컵)

Super Spicy Korean Ramyun

I’ve seen this particular brand of ramyun making the rounds. Since I do like all things spicy, I decided to give it a try. While this spicy Korean ramyun (불낙…

EBS Radio

Let’s go to EBS Radio

Come along with me as I hit the road early Friday morning and make my way into Seoul. Why? Well, beginning March 7th, I’ve started a travel segment on EBS…

gyeonggi 120

Travel Tip: The Gyeonggi 120 Line

Today’s video is a helpful travel tip for those working and living in Gyeonggi Province. It’s a 24/7 office and call center designed to help with every facet of life…

news opinion editorial steve miller qiranger

Crap Korean News

On my way into school today, I saw two really bad articles in the Korean Press. You can see them here and here. This video is about a 6 minute…


Suwon Back Streets – QiRanger’s Walk and Talk # 18

This week’s Walk and talk takes us back to familiar territory as I head to Suwon Station once more. This time, rather than going into the station, I finally take…