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Seoul-Tokyo Relations, floods and landslides wreak havoc, and technology giants payout damages. These stories and more are on the August 29th edition of Asia News Weekly.

ASIA NEWS WEEKLY: Seoul-Tokyo Relations, Technology Payouts, and more

This Asia News Weekly podcast begins with the latest developments in the ongoing stagnant relationship between Seoul and Tokyo. While South Korea’s President Park continues to demand Japan to look…


Walking Through Akihabara – Get QiRanger Out There! #5

Akihabara (Tokyo, Japan) is known throughout the world for its high concentration of gadgets and anime inspired toys. It also has some great idol groups making the rounds (AKB48 anyone?)….

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Tokyo Travel Tip: The Skyliner

When researching methods of transport to and from Narita Airport in Tokyo, I faced a huge dilemma. Just how was I going to travel back and forth economically? Would I…

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Tokyo 2013 YouTube Gathering

UPDATED!!!!!! September 14, 2013 12:30-14:30 YouTube Space Tokyo Talk and Panel Discussion Prior to the kick off of the party at 3pm, YouTube staff from Google are holding an event…

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Japan threatens to sue Korea

It’s something that I expected. Japan announced it will take Korea to the International Court of Justice if the Supreme Court does not overturn a verdict ordering Nippon Steel to…

Suji’s Deli

Oh yeah! I love a good sandwich and in Korea, it’s been pretty hard to get what I like to call a good one. Sure, you can go to a…