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living in korea

Living in Korea – My Life VLOG #7

I was recently asked by a long-time friend to help out his daughter’s World Geography Class and talk a little about my experiences about living in South Korea. So without…


VLOG: You Are Awesome

I just wanted to take a moment to express my thank to each of you for making the last six months really awesome. Everyone at Arirang Radio has been super…

Question of the Week 530 slide

Viewer Question: The Fate of North Korea?

This week’s question comes from Sophie in the UK: Firstly, where do you see North Korea heading in the next few years? Will they fall? Will their be an “arab…


VIDEO: My Korea, Your Words – Life

This week I continue my series with scenes of Korean life inspired by your comments. 0Shares

digital watch

VLOG: What’s your first piece of tech?

This summer, I finally purchased a new computer. Julia, my 2007 17″ MacBook Pro is still working hard, but can no longer keep up with some of the demands of…


VLOG: The End of School

The end of the semester has come and I already miss the interactions I have with my students. What teacher has impacted you the most and why? Note: This video…

steve miller 20d

The 20D – My 2005 Camera Gets New Life

I grew up with a camera in my hand. My first compact camera was a Kodak 110-film based unit that I loved dearly. I especially loved the crazy four-sided flash…

QiRanger - Seoul - Coffee

NEW VLOG: Where does time go?

In today’s vlog I I find amazement that I’ve been in Korea for almost 5 years. Where has the time gone? What about you? Do you find that time sometimes…

JAPAN freedom thumb

A Limit to Japanese Freedom?

It’s no secret things are changing in Japan. Since taking office last year, Shinzo Abe has caused quite the stir. Not only has he supported visits the controversial Yasukuni Shrine,…

Steve, The QiRanger

Vlogging update!

A few updates on what I’ll be doing in the coming weeks. Have you heard this week’s podcast yet? Check it out! 0Shares