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Seoul Vs. Busan

KAM Chats: Seoul Vs Busan

Coming to Korea? Tom extolled the virtues of Busan last week. This time, I make the case for Seoul. So who will win in the epic battle between Seoul Vs….

asia news weekly

ASIA NEWS WEEKLY: US-China Summit, Japan, Elections, and more

The July 18th edition of the Asia News Weekly Podcast discusses these stories: •    United States Talks To China (1:20) •    Japan continues to struggle with collective self-defense (7:25) •  …

Dark Side of Seoul

ASIA NOW: Ghosts, Murder, and Sex in Seoul

Ghosts, murder, and all things scary. Every city has tales that can make your blood curdle. Today, we take a look at Seoul’s seamier side. It’s just one story taking…

giant bubbles

Giant Bubbles in Insadong

Last night, Jo and I were out in Insadong preparing to meet up with ZenKimchi to do a story for Asia Now. While there, we saw this epic performer making…


Jongno O(5)-ga [Seoul]

Jo and I stayed in Seoul over the weekend. Why? We both had events and were going to be out late. Since it costs $50 to get a cab back…

Seoul Express Bus Terminal

Seoul’s Express Bus Terminal

This week on the Walk and Talk, we head into Seoul and the massive Express Bus Terminal. Of all the transportation hubs in Seoul, this is the one that I…

McDonald's Chicken Salsa Burger

Korean McDonald’s Salsa Chicken Burger

Now that the 2014 FIFA World Cup is underway in Brazil (Brasil), McDonald’s Korea is finally breaking out some specialty food in celebration of the event. Today, Jo and I…

asia news


The June 13th edition of the Asia News Weekly Podcast discusses the following stories: •    China Sea Updates (0:30) •    Thailand Updates (5:55) •    More terror suspects arrested in China…

Korean Trains - Nooriro

Korean Trains: The Nooriro

Probably one of the best ways to travel in Korea is by train. There are several different classes of trains one can choose from, but if you’re a commuter, chances…

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