A little foot magic…

When I was taking my Massage Therapy courses for my license, I chose to participate in 16 hours of classes on reflexology. It was a fun, and very easy class, because for the most part, you’re massing someone’s feet for an hour and nothing else. I won’t bore you with the physological theory behind the practice, but I’m bringing it up because within a five minute walk from the apartment, there’s a Reflexology Park.

When I brought this up to my fellow teachers, they all proclaimed, “Really? Where?” When I went on to explain it, they all knew about the park, but had no idea what it was for (I guess the reflexology sings escaped them).

So I took the Bible this morning for a little reading as the sun was rising over the city and also snapped a few pictures. It really is a great park. It’s resigned for quiet contemplation and also health. You take off your shoes and walk the path barefoot. The stones and wood hit the pressure points and positively affect your body. It hurts like hell, but that’s only because the points that hurt are the ones that are screwed up. When you’re done, you can sit back and wash your feet before returning home.

It’s a great experience. Something I’ll do on a regular basis.

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