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Question: Coming to Korea?

Ricardo sent in a series of questions about coming to Korea since his interest is growing. I try to answer them. Got a question for me? write me at questions@qiranger.com….

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VLOG: Passport Tag

Evan and Rachel created a little Passport tag on their YouTube channel and asked me to participate. While we’re preparing to head out today, I thought I would shoot a…

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Teaching in Korea: Questions and Answers

Recently I put it out to the interwebs that if anyone had a question about teaching in Korea, I’d be happy to field their question. Here’s what came in: Hi…


Viewer Question: Tattoos in Korea

A question came in from YouTube about Tattoos in Korea. Here’s my answer: Got a question for me? Please send it in: questions@qiranger.com. 0Shares

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What’s The Deal With North Korea?

A pair of questions came in from viewers about North Korea. Here are my answers: Got a question? Send it to me at questions@qiranger.com. 0Shares

It’s NEAT!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding the cuts in teaching positions in South Korea. Many are under the impression that there are no jobs left here. That is…

Viewer Question: Gluten-Free Options?

Kali wrote in recently asking if there were plenty of options for those allergic to gluten or wanting gluten-free meals. Here’s my personalized answer: Many thanks to Joe at ZenKimChi.com…

Viewer Question: What about cars?

I’m on vacation, but that doesn’t mean I’m not checking messages while I can. We’ll be out on the water for the next week with little or no Internet, so…

On our last video, I received a comment asking why so many foreigners eat bibimbap (비빔밥) with chopsticks. Here’s my answer: Do you have a question for me? Ask one…


Teaching in Korea: Questions

Congratulations! You’ve made it to Korea, got settled into your new home and are about to step into your first class. Standing next to the whiteboard, you eagerly write your…