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Happy Chuseok Weekend

Out and about with Little T, Lily, and Jo. Just like his papa, Tyrone love his #CoffeeTime. How do you spend big holiday weekends? What’s important to you? 0Shares

philippine silver peso canon eos c100 steve miller qiranger-2

Silver Philippine Pesos in amazing clarity

This afternoon, I was shooting a few scenes for the very first episode of Explore Your Environment. The subject matter was a pair of very special silver pesos Jo and…

canon 50mm f/1.2 lens

Playing with a 50mm/f1.2

I recently picked up a Canon 50mm/f1.2 lens from Canon in Seoul. I decided to put on one of the cameras I have here in the office to see what…

steve miller 20d

The 20D – My 2005 Camera Gets New Life

I grew up with a camera in my hand. My first compact camera was a Kodak 110-film based unit that I loved dearly. I especially loved the crazy four-sided flash…

Philippines GoPro Pictures

I spent a few minutes uploading some of my favorite pictures from the Philippines to Flickr today. All images were taken with a GoPro Hero2 and usually with the aid…

boracay starbucks coffee mug philippines

Fresh Snow, but not in the Philippines

I’ve been back in Korea for just a few days. Thankfully, stepping off the plane Saturday night wasn’t as bad as it was last year. The temperature, to be sure,…

Little T Korea - QiRanger - sejong

I Am A Bad Father

Okay, so I don’t have a child, but I still feel like I’ve been a bad father. In 2010, I purchased Little T, a traveling mascot. It was my goal…

Instagram - statigram - qiranger

Instagram Stats

One of my favorite applications for my iPhone is Instagram. The ability to take pictures, apply a filter, and share them instantly to that community, Twitter, and Facebook has been…

street photography children - south korea - qiranger

Cute Kids

This past week, while traveling about in Seoul, Jo and I were walking through Gwanghwamun Square. Since it was a holiday, many families were out and about. That meant that…

Muye24 - South Korea - Martial Arts - QiRanger

Muye24Ki: Korea’s Deadly Martial Arts

King Jeongjo commissioned Shilhak scholars Lee Deok-Mu and Park Je-Ga to cull the best practices of Korean Martial Arts with those of China and Japan to create a comprehensive military…