Suji’s Deli

Oh yeah! I love a good sandwich and in Korea, it’s been pretty hard to get what I like to call a good one. Sure, you can go to a Subway’s (if you can find one), but the one’s you usually find at a Paris Baguette just don’t cut it for me – and truthfully, neither are really sandwiches.

I miss the good deli sandwiches I could get in Scottsdale, Arizona. Those wonderful creations on rye bread, stacked high with thick slabs of meat and a dill pickle on the side. That’s what I’m talking about.

The good thing to know, if you’re in Seoul or Tokyo, is that you can still find these great sandwiches. To do so, just wander into Suji’s Deli and you won’t be disappointed. Recently, Jo and I were invited to film a video for Suji’s and we were really excited, since they have been running a special promotion: an extra 100g (free) on their pastrami sandwich. It was something I dreamed of for a long time and it was about to appear before me.

This shoot was very cool, because they asked me just to come out and shoot what every I wanted. They also asked if I had any requests and what my plan entailed. I shot them back a quick email and said I wanted to be able to talk to someone about the restaurant. Who did I get to talk to? Suji Park, the restaurant’s founder and owner.

Beauty in a cup!

Time with her was pressed because of her busy schedule, but she was very nice to sit down with Jo and I and answer a dozen or so questions. For those wanting to know some key details about Suji’s, check this out!

  1. Suji Park dropped everything to attend FCI a while back. That had a huge impact on the restaurant, but most importantly, allowed her to develop a method of curing her own meats. Now all Suji’s sandwiches are made with fresh and homemade meats.
  2. 5% of the take from the Celebrity Sandwiches are donated to charity.
  3. La Colombe is an amazing coffee out of the Eastern United States and Suji’s is the first to have it in Korea.

Once our interview was completed, Suji ordered our lunch and we got to sample some very tasty dishes.

A Trifecta of Greatness!

We started things off with the Soup of the Day. It was a creamy cheddar dish that went down so smooth, you’d think you were drinking butter. Everything about the soup was perfect.

Then it was time to satisfy my hunger. The 300g Sky-High Pastrami sat before me. My mouth watered and salivary glands burned with anticipation. When I first bit into the sandwich, I was instantly transported to heaven. It was perfect. This is what a pastrami sandwich should taste like. The pepper and sauce blended together and everything danced in unison.


Next I tried the Turkey Lettuce Tomato Sandwich. This also was a delight. Not only since it had been 2009 since I had a turkey sandwich, but because this one was ideal. Take your ultimate BLT, add some homemade cured turkey and then you’ll start to get an idea of how delicious this sandwich tasted.

The Reuben!

The final sandwich we had was the Reuben. This was a tall order, especially since we had already eaten more than we normally do in a day in one sitting. But again, we were not disappointed. The sour kraut on the sandwich was perfect and added the right amount of tang to the meat. It was great!

Suji’s has a number of restaurants open in the Seoul Metro area, but also in Tokyo, Japan. If you’d like a taste of the US, you won’t be disappointed. But be prepared to spend for this luxury. Sandwiches at the Itaewon location were in the W12-15000.

A complete set of photos from the day: