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Seoul Bus

Multi-language Seoul Bus Sign

Recently, I was under Gwanghwamun Station, making my way onto Line 5, where I saw the bus information sign. It’s one of the best Seoul bus signs I’ve seen in…

Seoul Vs. Busan

KAM Chats: Seoul Vs Busan

Coming to Korea? Tom extolled the virtues of Busan last week. This time, I make the case for Seoul. So who will win in the epic battle between Seoul Vs….

Dark Side of Seoul

ASIA NOW: Ghosts, Murder, and Sex in Seoul

Ghosts, murder, and all things scary. Every city has tales that can make your blood curdle. Today, we take a look at Seoul’s seamier side. It’s just one story taking…

bank of korea

The Bank of Korea Museum

Riding home from Seoul this week, I passed by the old Bank of Korea building (and present day museum). From the bus’ window, I snapped this picture with my iPhone…


Jongno O(5)-ga [Seoul]

Jo and I stayed in Seoul over the weekend. Why? We both had events and were going to be out late. Since it costs $50 to get a cab back…

good-bye korea

KAM Chats: Good-bye Korea?

They say that all good things come to an end. In this week’s Korea and More Chat, I share the news Jo and I have known for quite some time:…

korean mcdonalds

Korean McDonald’s Delivery Scooter

One thing I love about McDonald’s in Korea is the delivery system. Here’s an up close look at a McDonald’s delivery scooter zooming off to deliver some fresh food.

asia news weekly

ASIA NEWS WEEKLY: Stories from Asia

Over the past two week, I’ve been busy with school ending. However, news doesn’t stop. While I haven’t been able to create a new Asia News Weekly podcast, I have…

kono statement

ASIA NOW: Korean Shooting and Kono Statement Review

Last night a ROK Army sergeant fled his post and 5 were killed, plus Korea responds to Japan’s evaluation of the 1993 Kono Statement. Text, sources, and MP3 here. Asia…

korea drugs

Teaching in Korea: Marijuana and Sex

I was recently asked a pair of questions: 1) If you come from a part of the US where smoking marijuana is legal, what does that mean for your E2…