Fun Times in Wolmido

This past weekend, Jo and I headed out to Wolmido to shoot the latest segment for my Korea Blog series on Incheon. We had a grand time and managed to not only snap up a few great pictures, but see some pretty remarkable things.

That’s right- a shih-tzu running along a fortress wall. Freaking sweet!

incheon - wolmido - steve miller

For this video, I once again used the GoPro and Edutige microphone. Unfortunately, the day was quite windy, so the popping you hear in the video is a result of all the wind that was buffeting the microphone. The dead cat did a great job of removing the noise, but there was still some interference with the mic itself.

The GoPro really came in handy when filming the ride scenes. In fact, they operators really didn’t want me taking the camera on the rides. However, after demonstrating that the camera would not fall out of grasp and that I was okay if it did and broke, they relented and let me take it on board. I’m really pleased with the way that portion turned out.

Overall, the video wasn’t my best, but I think that’s because neither Jo, nor myself were feeling 100%. I do recommend heading out to Wolmido though. It was a fun place to check out and you can do it as part of a Chinatown trip. The rides were great, but I wouldn’t waste time on the Korean Traditional Garden. You’d be better off going to a real folk village.

Learn to Play Yut Nori

This week, my Korean Game series continues on The Korea Blog.


I chose this game because it’s one of the most fun people can have when gathering. Unlike many games that are limited to a specific number of players, that isn’t the case for Yut. While there are only two teams involved, you could conceivably play the game with 2000000000 people. It would be boring for most, but you could do it.

Set-up for this video was the same as last week’s. The Canon HFS11 provided much of the close up shots, while the GoPro Hero2 shot the wide-angle areas. My second GoPro was teamed with the Edutige ETM-006 to capture audio and everything was synced in post.

Welcome Fellow Writers

Not long ago, The Korea Blog hosted a welcoming ceremony for the second group of Worldwide Korea Bloggers. These writers are bloggers in Korea and around the globe that focus the majority of their posts on a number of topics related to Korea. The event was hosted at the main office and I was asked to film and create a short news piece for their YouTube Channel.

The event was a lot of fun and it was great seeing those carrying over from the first batch again. You can read more about the event and see pictures like the one below by visiting Jo’s post, as she is also a WKBer.

QiRanger - Korea - National Musuem - Johanne Miller - Photo

The video was quite fun to make. To begin with, KOCIS and I arranged a script to make sure that each portion of the welcoming ceremony was filmed. Since I was using the Canon for most of the filming, I needed to make sure that sound quality was constant. So I brought in the H2. You can see it in a few shots and it worked out really well.

Since the weather was crap, I’m also glad I brought the GoPro to film a little outside without worry for rain. Inside, we also use the H2 for a little presentation made by the Museum director.

For those interested about Korea, The Korea Blog is a great place to start. In addition to myself, there are three other featured writers. Each of us are tasked with several pieces each month. When our posts aren’t going up, the WKBers take over.