Go! Stop!

I love card games. When I was growing up, I used to sit down with my father and play games every week. We’d play Uno, Cribbage, Rook, and an assortment of other games that people today, just seem to forget about. This love of games carried me through the years and I picked up others like Euchre and Gin Rummy. While I do know how to play poker, I never really got into that end of the game spectrum.

Here in Korea, there’s one game that’s really caught my attention, and it’s called Go Stop. The game uses Japanese Flower Cards called 화투 (Hwatu). Back in the day it was played for cash. The card rules are quite simple, but winning can happen fast… and with the number of multipliers that can come about in a single game… a loss can be quite costly. In the blink of an eye, you can go from winning to losing.

Game play is quite simple and I recently wrote about it for The Korea Blog. Today, many Koreans still play for cash, but among friends, it’s played for flicks of a finger or a good number of hits.

To play the game, simply deal out the cards and match them up. It’s that simple. To take a look at the full rules, read this excellent post.

Recently, I collaborated with my friend Kevin to do a video on the subject. In the video, we go over the basic rules needed to play and how to score. It’s a little longer than some of my other videos, but covers a great deal of information.

I specifically chose Kevin for two reasons. First, he taught English in Korea and has a good background of the game. Second, he currently lives in Japan, where the cards are from. I thought it would be fun to recite to rules back and forth to hopefully break up the “talking heads” nature of this video.

It proved to be quite a difficult project since the timeline included footage from four different sources and at different resolutions. It made for some seriously long rendering time… each pass taking up to 5 hours! The MBP was really working hard.