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shooting games

Korean Shooting Game

In South Korea, it’s common to see a wide variety of claw games outside stores. Over the years, I have inserted several bills into them in an attempt to win…

Korea Photos thumb

Black and White Photos

When I first purchased my iPhone 4 a few years ago, I became hooked on taking pictures. When I received my iPhone 5S, I was blown away by what I…

korean games

Korean Games – Feats of Strength

Today I have a great little video. Why? Because I divulge one of my dirty little secrets. I absolutely love carny games. Not any carny games, but ones that require…

jeju olle trail

The Awesome Jeju Olle Trail Adventure – Get QiRanger Out There #6

Because of the high gain mic, engine, and typhoon, there’s a lot of audio popping in this video. While in Jeju, Jo and I hiked Jeju Olle trail number 6….

vlog jeju korea

VLOG: Seoul to Jeju

Greetings and salutations my excellent friends! Day one of our trip to Jeju is coming to a close. Here is today’s VLOG. It starts off at Gimpo Airport before the…

korean beer

Korean Beer… To Go!

That’s right everyone, not only does Korea have open container laws, but restaurants can also sell you Korean beer to go! In this quick VLOG, I show you just how…

video rodeo

Seorak Mountain and Paragliding – Video Rodeo (9.23.13)

Hey everyone, it’s time to CATCH THE WAVE! This week on Video Rodeo, we chatted up a storm about one of my favorite times of the year – the fall….

run dmz thumb

Get QOT! Run DMZ Event [GoPro Korea]

It’s part scavenger hunt, part Amazing Race; however, no matter how you describe it, the 2013 Run DMZ event in August was 100% fun. The event was held in Inje…

steve miller qiranger

VLOG: Passport Tag

Evan and Rachel created a little Passport tag on their YouTube channel and asked me to participate. While we’re preparing to head out today, I thought I would shoot a…

hike gyeongju namsan

Exploring Gyeongju’s Namsan

Summer is here and one of my favorite things to do when the sun is shining is to get out and hit the trails. This month on The Korea Blog,…