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Korea Doesn’t Want Drunk Irish Teachers

Making the rounds in the news is the tale of one Katie Mulrennan. She’s a 26-year-old Irish woman who recently applied for a teaching job in South Korea. Why is…

Could the Korean education model be the answer to western nations' problems with low standardized test scores? The research and implications on Asia Now.

AN: The Competitive Side of Korean Education: Is it good for business and society?

East Asian students consistently place at the top of standardized tests. Western nations are now looking for answers on how to boost their scores. Could the Korean educational model be…

Teaching in Korea after EPIK is gone.

Teaching in Korea after EPIK is gone.

My thoughts on where education needs to go in Korea. EPIK, the main public school program has been a huge failure. The program is slowly being phased out, and I…

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ASIA NOW: Monday, June 30, 2014

New theories on the fate of Malaysian Airlines flight 370, troubles for teens in South Korea, Japan and the DPRK are set to meet once more, Seoul clamps down on…

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Teaching in Korea: Marijuana and Sex

I was recently asked a pair of questions: 1) If you come from a part of the US where smoking marijuana is legal, what does that mean for your E2…

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English News Teaching Resource

Thank you for all your support with my two podcasts. Since many use English news as ESL teaching tools, I’m now going to start posting the script with each episode….

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KAM Chats: What’s next?

This week I continue our conversation with Tom and turn the conversation to what we want to do with our careers. 0Shares

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ASIA NOW: duoLingo starts teaching English in Korean

What’s the future of language education? I sit down with Luis von Ahn to discuss that and more as duoLingo will start teaching English in Korean on May 27th. For…

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KAM Chats: Drinking in Korea

This week Tom started our discussion on KAM Chats about drinking in Korea. Specifically, we’re talking about work related drinking situations, usually revolving around what’s called a hwayshik (회식) or…