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Podcast - Korea - QiRanger - TravelThe QiRanger Adventures Podcast: S2E13
Release Date: 2012-04-29

1) Welcome and News

  •     Extended video podcast – Travel Talk on the website
  •     Korean Association of Church Communication (RE: Lady Gaga): “Our Christian community needs concerted action to stop young people from being infected with homosexuality and pornography.”
  •     The Sea of Japan/East Sea Debate
  •     The 4-year-old TSA Patdown
  •     Romney on Equal Pay – “Does Gov. Romney support the Lilly Ledbetter Act?”
  •     Appearing on Arirang Radio’s Catch the Wave again next month
  •     Listening Live

2) Content RE<Wind

3) QOTW: Lisa Tintin wrote: “What’s the best thing about being a podcast-blogger?”

Send your questions to or @qiranger on twitter. I’ll answer them in the podcast or make a personal video response.

4) Travel Talk: This week I sit down and talk with the original travel dude, Melvin Böcher. You can find him at and @TravelDudes on Twitter.

Click the player to listen to the interview:


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