Living in a country like South Korea, one finds themselves traveling a lot by bus or train… and sometimes just walking around to the next class. During these times, I like to load up my iPod with a few podcasts to help the time. So I thought I’d take this time to share a few of my favorite podcasts.

First, my friend Kevin has started a new podcasting project called Looks Like Canada. It’s a new weekly series that explores the history, culture, and food of Canada. Kevin’s putting a lot of work into this new series, and if you’re interested learning more about Canada, I really recommend you checking it out.

Secondly, I really think that Talk to Me in Korean is a fantastic resource that continues to pump out wonderful lessons. Best of all, the lessons and the handouts are free. If you’re in Korea or thinking about teaching here, I highly recommend you checking out this podcast series.

Finally, I have to plug my favorite podcast. It’s from NPR and just tons of laughs. That’s right, it’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. What I like about this, is that the show is always fresh and they have some great guests each week. Plus it helps keep me on my toes.

Be sure to check them out. You’ll love it!