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Seoul Express Bus Terminal

Seoul’s Express Bus Terminal

This week on the Walk and Talk, we head into Seoul and the massive Express Bus Terminal. Of all the transportation hubs in Seoul, this is the one that I…

Nambu Bus Terminal
korean bus

Cool Korean Bus Sign in Suwon Station

Another quick one today! While I was out for a meeting, I cam across this really cool Korean bus information sign. It’s the first time I’ve seen one like this…

korean wheelchair bus

Korean Wheelchair Bus

While not running extensively throughout Gyeonggi or Seoul, every now and again a wheelchair accessible bus will be run. In Dongtan, the 7-1 is always a handicapped accessible bus. From…

korean bus travel tips

Korean Bus Travel Tips

Throughout Korea you’ll find many bus terminals (버스터미널). While these are usually categorized into Express (고속터미널) and Intercity (시외버스터미널), the reality of the matter is that for the casual user,…

suwon bus terminal

VLOG: Inside Suwon Bus Terminal

When I lived in the United States, traveling by bus was often looked down upon and something deemed for “lower class people.” I never thought that way and fondly remembered…


Anyang’s Awesome Bus Stop Signs

Recently I needed to head into Seoul one evening. I had to stay overnight in preparation for a shoot for Korea Today. This required me to take a different bus…

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New Seoul Bus Displays

I’ve mentioned many times that traveling in Seoul is easy. It’s one of the reasons I haven’t purchased a car since coming to Korea. There just really isn’t a need….

New Bus Tech

This past weekend I needed to get out and do a little traveling for some upcoming stories. As such, I headed all the way out to Incheon for the start…

Charge Me!

Buses in Seoul are getting better and better all the time. When I first came to Korea, when I wanted to get around I’d hop on a blue bus. Some…