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Podcast - Korea - QiRanger - TravelThe QiRanger Adventures Podcast: S2E12
Release Date: 2012-04-22

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Take hold of a cold one!

If you ask most foreigners (in Korea) what their favorite adult beverage of the night happens to be, chances are they will say beer. They they will quickly qualify that by saying good beer.

Korean beer has a much lighter taste and flavor than others from around the globe. That doesn’t make it bad… just different. If one is used to the rich flavors available in other countries, sitting around a table drinking Cass or Hite doesn’t quite fit the bill. So many foreigners turn to expat bars or “Western Ice Bars.”

However, the biggest and best change to Korea’s beer drinking culture is just arriving and it will catch on like wildfire: the self-service bars. It’s an idea that originated back in 2006 in England and has been gaining traction across Europe and the United States. The premise is simple, rather than having patrons wait on staff to bring them their adult beverage of choice, the customer is given free reign of the establishment to grab their own any time they desire. At then end of the night, just simply settle up with what you drank.

What I like about these places is that the cost of imported beer is substantially cheaper compared to the other Western Bars. For example, my beloved Honey Brown is only W5200, while at Wa Bar it costs W6000 or more. Guinness is only W5900 at the self-service place, while W9000 at Wa Bar!

The other great thing about the bar – maybe the best thing – is that their menu is tiny. You might think this is a bad thing, but you’d be wrong. The reason why this is good, is that the bar encourages you to order food in from surrounding restaurants. That’s right – you can bring in outside food! How awesome is that?

So what’s your favorite watering hole like? I’d love to know! If you have a self-service bar near you, what do you think of them?

Hate Crimes

It never ceases to amaze me how some people can miss the mark so badly that it makes me wonder if they have a brain that works.

When President Barack Obama signed the 2010 National Defense Authorization Act, he also authorized the Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Now this largely went under the radar, but has the effect of adding extra penalties to violent crimes when they are motivated by gender, sexual orientation, or disabilities.

Star Parker calls the law a “weakening and damaging our country is not something to be proud of.” Parker continues by saying, “It should be clear that hate crime law has nothing to do with improving our law but rather creating favored political classes. It is something that should be hateful to everyone who cares about a free society, and particularly hateful to those, such as blacks, who have been victimized by politicization of law.”

Hate crimes are premeditated or conducted out of intentions to be overly cruel to an individual. In many cases, the victim did nothing but be born and has been attacked for being a certain race, religion, or sexual orientation. Such crimes should not be tolerated in an evolved society and those who perpetrate them should be dealt with sternly. What I find ironic in Parker’s editorial was the justification cited:

Is it not a sign of our own pathology that we now have codified that it is worse to murder a homosexual than someone who has committed adultery, even with your husband or wife, or who has slandered or robbed? Isn’t the point murder?

No, the point is the intention and the methodology of the crime. This is why when one does face murder charges, the circumstances are factored into case. Is it pre-meditated? Was it an act of “passion?” Was it accidental? Hate is just another factor to the equation to be considered. It is simply one more tool for the legal system to utilize when sentencing.