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The QiRanger Schedule (Spring/Summer 2013)

Greetings and salutations, my excellent friends! With spring here and summer approaching, I thought I’d take a moment to update everyone on my current release schedule. Not only are articles…

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Yoon Apology Falls Short For Sexual Advance

***UPDATE*** In a breaking update from Yonhap, Yoon actually admitted to groping the intern during the internal Blue House investigation. You can read the full report here. Original Op-Ed The…

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TQRAP Ep 2013-06

PSY’s Gentleman drops on the charts as Little PSY faces massive online hate, how best to deal with North Korea, and sorry Internet, you don’t own your images anymore. All…


Namyang vs Lotte: What’s The Difference?

Earlier this week, a leaked video showing a Namyang sales person berating and forcing a distributor to purchase extra product surfaced on the Internet. You can read the brief here….

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Clowns. More Fun In The Philippines.

Back in April, I was asked to participate in a special trip to Davao (Philippines). The trip was sponsored by the Philippines Department of Tourism. Since I had never been…


Viewer Question: Tattoos in Korea

A question came in from YouTube about Tattoos in Korea. Here’s my answer: Got a question for me? Please send it in:

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Making Twitter and Facebook YouTube Annotations.

If you’re a YouTube partner, you might have the ability to enable a great feature that was introduced last year. It’s called the External Annotation feature. If you have the…

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NEW VLOG: Where does time go?

In today’s vlog I I find amazement that I’ve been in Korea for almost 5 years. Where has the time gone? What about you? Do you find that time sometimes…


Arirang’s Catch The Wave Video Rodeo 5.6.13

It’s that time once more for me to share with you all the behind the scenes action from Monday’s Video Rodeo on Arirang! The videos we discussed: There you have…


YouTube To Introduce Subscription Service

IT World published this article stating that Google was set to announce a subscription service for YouTube. here are my thoughts.