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While filming down in Gyeongju, Jo and I came across this little cutie: Now, every time I see or think of a squirrel, I think of the movie UP!

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Japan: Face the historical facts

  Yonhap news reports the new Korean Ambassador to Japan has more than one diplomatic mission on his plate. Lee Byung-kee, 66, a seasoned diplomat, said he will spare no effort to…

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Korean Food: SsamBap

Today’s video is a quick one. While filming down in Gyeongju for next month’s series, we popped in to one of the town’s signature restaurants for the local dish: ssambap…

news opinion editorial steve miller qiranger

The Korean Image Abroad

The BBC recently conducted a 26,000+ person survey around the globe. Interviews were randomly conducted in person and via the telephone in 25 countries. Participants were asked to rate seventeen…


Catch the Wave! Video Rodeo 5.27.13

Hey everyone, I hope you’re rocking Wednesday morning like I am. We had an awesome show this past Monday. Hanging out with Adrien and Karen is simply awesome! This week…

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Korea’s Chat Leader: Kakao

For the final installment on this month’s Korea Blog series, I revisited an old post about KakaoTalk. If you’re outside Korea, you might not have heard about this program and…

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The 20D – My 2005 Camera Gets New Life

I grew up with a camera in my hand. My first compact camera was a Kodak 110-film based unit that I loved dearly. I especially loved the crazy four-sided flash…

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TQRAP Ep 2013-7

Sex, North Korea shoots its toys, Korea doesn’t know how to market itself, and we head to Busan. All this and more. The QiRanger Podcast starts now. Great to be…

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A Giant Facepalm for Korean Papers

This morning while culling the news feeds, I came across this story from Japan Today: S Korean paper says A-bombs on Japan were ‘divine punishment’. The original article can be…


It’s More Fun In Boracay

Oh yeah baby, that’s what I’m talking about. If you want a great sunset, you need to head to Boracay in the Philippines. It probably has one of, if not…