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Viewer Question: The Fate of North Korea?

This week’s question comes from Sophie in the UK: Firstly, where do you see North Korea heading in the next few years? Will they fall? Will their be an “arab…

Steve Miller QiRanger Fall 2013 Season

The QiRanger Fall 2013 Season

September is upon us and with that, the 2013 Fall QiRanger Season is set to launch. During the month of September, you’ll continue to see a few of the shows…

north korea, kenneth bae, robert king

North Korea says NO to King, Kenneth Bae to remain in prison

Ambassador Robert King was prepared to travel to North Korea today in an attempt to win the release of Kenneth Bae, the American imprisoned there. However, Friday afternoon, North Korea…

My Life VLOG Leftovers

My Life VLOG: Leftovers

One of the questions I’m asked frequently in Korea is, “Do you cook?” The answer to that question is, “Yes.” But it might be what you think. You see, ingredients…

south korea

South Korea rebellion plot and psychological wareware

South Korea news outlets were ablaze yesterday with a pair of stories, shocking many. First, several members of the Unified Progressive Party (UPP) were arrested for plotting to overthrow the…

Steve Miller QiRanger Airiang Radio Catch The Wave Video Rodeo

Catch the Wave’s Video Rodeo (8.26.13)

Good morning! We had an awesome show Monday night on Arirang Radio’s Catch the Wave. As great as it was, it was also sad, since it was Karen’s final show…

subway screen doors

A hero in Japan shows need for universal screen doors

Thankfully this story had a happy ending. From Japan Today: “A 39-year-old man jumped onto the train tracks to save a 58-year-old woman who had fallen off the platform at…


VIDEO: My Korea, Your Words – People

Over the past three weeks, I’ve been sharing my experiences in Korea based on the suggestions you made in June. We’ve focused on sights, food, and life in previous posts,…

Chinese Man Asks For Death Penalty

After killing a child, Chinese man asks for death penalty

Han Lei is in trouble. While searching for a parking space, he confronted a toddler’s mother. When she didn’t yield, Han grabbed the child and threw her to the pavement….

qiranger podcast 2013-17

QiRanger Podcast Ep 2013-17

Comfort Women Sue Japan, Shinzo Abe wants to worship, and the Apaches want their stuff back. Plus I talk about living in Korea and what’s involved in moving to Italy….