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QiRanger Podcast 2013-09

Be a good downloader, South Korea faces massive power failures, and Korea tries to rewrite history. These stories and more, plus a trip to Mungyeong. The QiRanger Podcast starts now….

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Convenience Store Kopi Luwak

I love coffee. It’s the first thing I grab in the morning and helps start my day right. In fact, how many tweets have I sent out over the years…

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REVIEW: Costco’s Signature Tequila Añejo

It’s no secret I love distilled beverages. While I normally imbibe by drinking a good whiskey, living in the American Southwest for nearly half my life has also endeared me…

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Catch The Wave Video Rodeo (6.3.2013)

Welcome to Wednesday, where I share with you the video version of Monday’s Catch the Wave broadcast. This week, I trimmed things down a little since during the song breaks…

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SEX: Japanese and Korean Women Must Stand Up

I just got back from Seoul and I saw this little gem from Japan Today: NTV punishes TV producer for sexually harassing newscaster Mai Yamagishi. Apparently a producer sexually harassed…

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Bulguksa and Seokguram Grotto

This month on The Korea Blog, I’m taking a look at the ancient Silla capital of Korea – Gyeongju. The city is often called the “museum without walls,” and today…

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TQRAP Ep 2013-08

Big changes for the Boy Scouts, honeypots will take your money, multiculturalism, and we head off to Jeonju! The QiRanger Podcast starts now! The Content RE<Wind Korean News Facepalm Kakao…

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While filming down in Gyeongju, Jo and I came across this little cutie: Now, every time I see or think of a squirrel, I think of the movie UP!

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Japan: Face the historical facts

  Yonhap news reports the new Korean Ambassador to Japan has more than one diplomatic mission on his plate. Lee Byung-kee, 66, a seasoned diplomat, said he will spare no effort to…

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Korean Food: SsamBap

Today’s video is a quick one. While filming down in Gyeongju for next month’s series, we popped in to one of the town’s signature restaurants for the local dish: ssambap…