dorasan station dmz

Into Dorasan Station in the DMZ

Today we step inside one of the northern most KORAIL station in South Korea: Dorasan Station. When cargo was shipped into North Korea to the Kaesong Industrial Complex, it used…

7 Bräu IPA

Korean Beer Review: 7 Bräu IPA

We all know South Korean beer gets a bad wrap. I’ve spoken about this before and listed a pair of new offerings. Today, I’m trying 7 Bräu IPA. It’s a…

thank you

Some Sweet Swag

Melissa found my videos on Facebook and the Internet and thought they were helpful when planning her trip to Korea. So she wanted to say thanks. We met up over…


Seat Benches

While in the DMZ, I came across this rest bench inside the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel.


Awesome Cookies in Myeongdong

I recently got my chocolate on in Myeongdong with some amazing cookies. Filmed with the iPhone 5S and edited in iMovie for iPhone.

star trek

Star Trek’s Best Episode

One of the podcasts I enjoy listening to each week is How to Do Everything from NPR. This past week’s episode featured a question from a listener who had never…

gopro mic edutige etm-001 etm-008

The Ultimate GoPro Mic Set-up: Edutige ETM-001 and ETM-008

I’ve been vlogging for some time. I started out with nothing more than just my MacBook Pro’s web cam. Over the years have used cameras ranging from those in cell…


VLOG: Which Sherlock is better?

I grew up in what many call the golden age of television. some of the greats shows of all time were created then and have left an impressive legacy on…

korean commuter bike thumb

Korean Commuter Bike Storage

I might travel by bus and subway the majority of the time, but a few others start their commute with a bike and lock it up at the local subway…

Naksansa Temple Korea

Naksansa – QiRanger’s Walk and Talk #7

This video originally started off as a simple VLOG. However, once Jo and I started exploring the temple’s massive layout, I knew it had to be a Walk and Talk…