voyager drinking game

Voyager and Bourbon

In today’s video I sit down with a glass of bourbon and try to watch an episode of Star Trek: Voyager. It’s a show I don’t have a lot of…

thailand temples gold

How they make Thailand Temples Golden

Have you been to Thailand? If so, there’s a good chance you’ve visited one of their temples. Each one is intricately decorated with golden highlights. What you might not realize…

taal volcano - tagatay

Trekking the Taal Volcano [Tagatay, Philippines] – Get QiRanger Out There! #8

In this episode of Get QiRanger Out There! Jo and I head to Cavite, the Philippines. Specifically, the city of Tagatay. Why? Well, this prominent city is a very popular…

lotte vic market costco korea

Shopping at VIC Market

While COSTCO is known by many around the world as a leader in warehouse shopping, Korea’s Lotte corporation has their own version called VIC Market. While cameras aren’t really allowed…

diy fur windscreen

Do It Yourself Camera Fur Windscreen

During our SEAsia trip, I decided to change the way I shot video. In the past, I always made sure that I had several mics with me that recorded great…

chiang mai

Chiang Mai Markets – QiRanger’s Walk and Talk #15

This week’s Walk and Talk takes us to Chiang Mai, Thailand. It’s the largest and most well known city in northern Thailand. The city sits along the Ping River and…

Seoul Camera Street

Seoul Camera Alley

Hey everyone! This past Friday I had to stroll into Seoul to get Jo’s camera repaired. Unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen to cameras. Luckily, the camera service center is located…

Wallet Thumb

The Best Travel Wallet

Greetings my friends! Today, I’m going to talk about something that has made a huge difference in my life – removing the fat from my butt. Yeah, I said it….

Is Korea racist

Is Korea Racist?

Recently Groove Magazine published an article called Korea’s Black Racism Epidemic. It’s a good article filled with several anecdotal stories of how several foreigners with dark skin have been treated in…

mug haul

SEAsia Coffee Mug Haul

I promised you yesterday I would share our mug haul from SEAsia. To be truthful, not all the drinkingware we collected was for coffee or tea, but that doesn’t mean…