qiranger podcast

The QiRanger Podcast Ep. 2013-23

Crooked elections, the sea that shalt be named, and China. Plus I talk about coming to Korea! All this and more, the QiRanger Podcast starts now! Announcement: Abbreviated Podcast next…

korean phone booth

A Korean Phone Booth With ATM

A quick look at a pay phone booth with an ATM inside! I love these things. By the way, how much were pay calls when you grew up?

living in korea

Living in Korea – My Life VLOG #7

I was recently asked by a long-time friend to help out his daughter’s World Geography Class and talk a little about my experiences about living in South Korea. So without…


Building Seoul’s Ice Rink

Every winter, Seoul constructs an ice rink on the lawn in front of City Hall. Here’s a quick view of them beginning that process.

China ADIZ

No Flight Plans to China ADIZ

Events are quickly escalating over the new China Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ). The announcement was condemned by Korea, Japan, and the United States. While China has the right to…

bukchon hanok

Bukchon: Building a Korean Hanok [Canon EOS C100]

While out filming EYE this week, I stumbled across a group of workers building a new hankok, or traditional Korean house. I thought you might like to see what goes…

korean daiso

Korean Daiso Store – QiRanger’s Walk and Talk #10 [GoPro Korea]

Daiso is the name of a very popular ¥100 store in Japan. Beginning in 1992, Daiso started operating stores in Korea. Today, there are more than 860 stores nation-wide, with…

korean snack pasta

Korean Snacks: Pastas

One of my favorite dishes on the planet is pasta. So when I came across Lotte’s Pastas snack, I knew I wanted to give it a try. Plus, my friend…


Bukchon Hanok Village – Steve Miller’s EYE #8 [Canon EOS C100]

If you were to ask me what’s my favorite thing about Seoul, the answer always remains the same. “I love the way that old and new are juxtaposed together,” I’ll…

lights thumb

Korean Street Lights

Korea is known for its late nights and safety – it’s one of the reasons I enjoy living here. Over the past year, most intersections have installed high-powered LED lamps…