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I’d like to thank you for all the support you’ve given these past months as I’ve built up the three podcasts on Asia News Weekly. Since that’s where I spend…

World leader descend on Beijing. Can North Korea fire ICBMs? Asia’s gender gap might surprise you. Where the call for democracy in HK needs to go and more.

ANW: APEC begins, can North Korea fire ICBMs, Asia’s gender gap, updates from HK and more

World leaders prepare to arrive in Beijing for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation or APEC Summit taking place now though Tuesday, November 12th. The individual sessions might offer glimpses as to…

MAS is ready to start working on paying families of MH370 passengers. TEPCO pulls more fuel rods from reactor 4. South Korean kids are the most unhappy. Bae completes 2 years in the DPRK.

TAB: MAS ready to pay MH 370 families; TEPCO pulls fuel rods; SK kids most unhappy; Bae at 2 years

Thursday, November 6, 2014 Malaysia Airlines announced it is waiting for flight MH370 to be officially declared lost. It’s a necessary step so that compensation for next-of-kin can be distributed….

The United Nations is currently taking up the issue of Human Rights abuses in North Korea. What’s the big deal and why are some trying to refer the matter to the International Criminal Court? It’s a conversation taking place in Asia… now.

AN: Why Human Rights in North Korea Matter

The United Nations is currently taking up the issue of Human Rights abuses in North Korea. What’s the big deal and why are some trying to refer the matter to…

China reports the ability to use lasers to target shoot down drones. APEC begins in Beijing. The US Navy skips dropping anchor in Philippines due to anti-American sentiments.

TAB: China’s killer drones, APEC begins, and US skips Philippines

Wednesday, November 5, 2014 China’s Xinhua news agency is reporting China has successfully tested a domestically developed laser defense system specifically designed to target and destroy low-flying unmanned drones. In…

Reports are surfacing that North Korea is refitting Soviet ballistic subs, capable of firing nuclear weapons. Plus an update on the gruesome murder in Hong Kong.

TAB: North Korea developing nuclear launch sub and more

Tuesday, November 4, 2014 In what’s sure to further to disrupt tensions in and around the Korean Peninsula, the DPRK is said to be modernizing a decommissioned Soviet Golf II…

A UK man is being held for murder after a body was found inside a suitcase in Hong Kong. Authorities uncover a terror plot ahead of this week’s APEC meeting and more.

TAB: Hong Kong Murder, trouble for APEC, and more

Monday, November 3, 2014 The forthcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation or APEC Summit, scheduled to begin this week in Beijing will gather more than 1500 CEOs and international leaders. As a…

Sokcho port

Get Out There #15: Sokcho Port

Jo, Wendy, and I stroll through the port shops along South Korea’s east coast in Sokcho.

Hong Kong protests face an uncertain future. North Korea races back into the headlines. Asian countries up their business game and more.

ANW: Hong Kong protests’ future, North Korea hogs headlines, Asian biz news and more

Asia News Weekly host Steve Miller returns with an episode chocked full with important updates from the region. First, he explores the current state of the Hong Kong protests. After…

What do we call the body of water between Japan and South Korea? Japanese governors travel to China, North Korea cancels today’s high-level talks with Seoul, and one HK lawmaker is out after criticizing the Chief Executive.

TAB: North Korea cancels talks, HK Lawmaker out, Japanese governors in China, and naming the sea

October 30, 2014 One of the long standing issues still left unresolved between South Korea and Japan, is the name given to the body of water between to the two…