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ASIA NOW: Man acquitted because of curved penis

Today on Asia Now, a man is acquitted of rape because his penis is curved. Learn more about the story and why it might have happened in today’s Asia Now….

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ASIA NEWS WEEKLY: May 30, 2014

These stories are featured this week on Asia News Weekly: •    Thailand Coup (0:30) •    China and Vietnam continue their spat (4:55) •    North Korea and South Korea exchange fire…


Experience a DMZ Tour

Greetings and salutations my excellent friends. Today on the Walk and Talk, we’re going to take a special trip. Usually I simply pick out a location, walk around, and share…

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KAM Chats: What’s next?

This week I continue our conversation with Tom and turn the conversation to what we want to do with our careers.

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ASIA NOW: duoLingo starts teaching English in Korean

What’s the future of language education? I sit down with Luis von Ahn to discuss that and more as duoLingo will start teaching English in Korean on May 27th. For…

Korean Elections

Korean Elections

June 4th is the next Korean election, so we’ve now entered into the two week period where candidates and their supports got out en masse to get the vote out….

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Changes, they are happening. This spring I started out ready to achieve a new running goal of running 5 half marathons back to back. Training was going well and I…

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ASIA NOW: Life in Thailand after the coup

In this special Asia Now update, Host Steve Miller brings you the latest in Thailand after the May coup. Asia Now is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International…

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Dunkin’ No More

Another store closes in my area – this time it’s a Dunkin’ Donuts. Seriously, I am very surprised this one closed down given what it has to offer. I guess…

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Asia News Weekly – May 23, 2014

The May 23rd edition of the Asia News Weekly Podcast discusses the following stories: •    Thailand Trouble (01:26) •    China and Vietnam (6:30) •    Chinese hackers are charged in the…