dongtan central park

Dongtan’s Central Park

This week on the Walk and Talk, I am back in Dongtan to show you our Central Park. It of course borrows it’s name of course from the most famous…

korean drinking

KAM Chats: Drinking in Korea

This week Tom started our discussion on KAM Chats about drinking in Korea. Specifically, we’re talking about work related drinking situations, usually revolving around what’s called a hwayshik (회식) or…

korean snack

Korean Snacks: Honey Ice Cream

As you know, I love going into the markets and trying a variety of Korean snacks. Over the past few months, my track record with Korean snacks hasn’t been that…

abandonded korean construction site

Inside an abandoned Korean construction site

Nearby is an apartment building – or some other type of building that has been left stagnant for a year or more. Today, I decide to take a look inside…

korean rent

How much is rent in Korea?

One of the questions I am frequently asked revolves how expensive it is to live in Korea. Specifically, how much Korean rent is. The answer to that of course varies…

south korean ferry sewol

Korean Ferry Sewol Special Update

Key updates since the April 18th edition of Asia News Weekly regarding the South Korean Ferry, Sewol. For timely updates, follow @AsiaNewsWeekly.

news opinion editorial steve miller qiranger

Sewol updates

A list of updates as of just prior to 4pm KST regarding the Sewol incident in Korea.

asia news

Asia News Weekly – April 18, 2014

The April 18, 2014 edition of the Asia News Weekly Podcast discusses the following stories: •    South Korean Ferry Update •    Is China a master cyber spy? •    North Korean…

Question of the Week 530 slide

Can I get a job teaching English in Korea?

Jake wrote in asking… I have about 2 and half years left before I can get my bachelors degree in computer information systems. And I was wondering how you feel…

iced beer

Iced Beer

For some reason in Korea it’s quite common to find cafes serving up both coffee and beer – not that I’m complaining. But you have to admit, that it isn’t…