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Seoul Bus

Multi-language Seoul Bus Sign

Recently, I was under Gwanghwamun Station, making my way onto Line 5, where I saw the bus information sign. It’s one of the best Seoul bus signs I’ve seen in…

Korean Trains - Nooriro

Korean Trains: The Nooriro

Probably one of the best ways to travel in Korea is by train. There are several different classes of trains one can choose from, but if you’re a commuter, chances…

Seoul Subway Line 4 Geumjeong Station
Gangnam Bus Stop

Is the Korean government solely to blame for safety?

Many in Korea are criticizing the Korean government over perceived lack of oversight where it comes to public transportation safety. They refer to the tragic Sewol ferry sinking and the…

korean robot

Korean Robot Construction Man

One of the things I remember growing up was the fear that robots would one day take over the world (Terminator anyone?) or that they would replace humans in the…

subway lockers

How To Use Korean Subway Lockers

When traveling around in Korea, sometimes you collect a lot of stuff. Or perhaps it’s raining and you’re carrying coats and umbrellas. Fact is, that stuff weighs you down, so…

Korean Trains

Korea Train in Slow Motion

Check this out – while I was heading home from school, this Korean train happened to cruise by the subway station. I decided to record its passing with the iPhone…

korean bus

Cool Korean Bus Sign in Suwon Station

Another quick one today! While I was out for a meeting, I cam across this really cool Korean bus information sign. It’s the first time I’ve seen one like this…

seoul korea parking

Parking in Cramped Quarters

Today, I share with you a very small and interesting parking area in Seoul. While many garages have these, I’ve never seen on in an alley before. Do you have…

korean tow truck

More Cute Korean Tow Trucks

I capture another video of cute, small Korean Tow Trucks. This time they move! 0Shares