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steve miller

Booze and sound

I have a conversation with myself while drinking about podcast sound and talk to an invisible Christopher Mast.

quikpod sport

The new QuikPod SPORT

Over the past two years, I’ve really changed the way I’ve shot my videos. Everything used to be handheld, but that changed a couple of years ago. When I started…

Uploading Podcasts to iTunes

Uploading Podcasts to iTunes

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about podcasting lately. The most common question seems to be about uploading podcasts to iTunes. The honest answer – there is no way…

traveling to north korea

Asia Now: Traveling to North Korea

Thinking about traveling to North Korea? There’s an app for that. ANW host Steve Miller sits down with the man behind the North Korea Travel App.

Korean Educational Technology

Korean University Classroom Technology

Today I take you inside one of my classrooms. This semester, I have a total of seven different rooms, but the one thing that unites them all is the educational…

Blue Yeti Microphone Sound Test

Blue Yeti Microphone Sound Test

As many of you know, I recently completed another lap around the sun (had a birthday). While I generally don’t want anything, I am trying to make better products this…

seoul gusto taco

Seoul’s Gusto Taco

Growing up in both Texas and Arizona, if there’s one type of food that I would call comforting, it would be Mexican. Since arriving in Korea almost five years ago,…

quikpod monopod

Unboxing the new QuikPod DSLR/POV

Last year I was able to review the QuikPod DSLR/POV Monopod. They’ve made some improvements and were kind enough to ship off the updated version to me to evaluate. Here…


Gadget VLOG – iPhone 5S, Canon C100, and ETM-008

Over the weekend, I was traveling in Gangwondo, filming the last two episodes of EYE. While filming I got to geek out a little with the equipment I was using….

korean phone booth

A Korean Phone Booth With ATM

A quick look at a pay phone booth with an ATM inside! I love these things. By the way, how much were pay calls when you grew up?