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korea weight

Lose weight while walking in Korea!

Last year, Seoul published a study noting that 25% of its residents were obese and vowed to implement changes to improve overall health. It seems that one has now cropped…

running korea

The Running Man

A quick update on my running and fitness goals. How are your goals progressing? 0Shares

Korean Gym

The Korean Gym

A while back I received a question asking how much Korean gym memberships cost. While it varies from city to city and the number of extra features they have, the…

winter exercise

VLOG: Getting Fit and Shout-Outs

Winter is coming here! That being said, I am no longer running outdoors. It is just too cold for me to do so and remain healthy. That’s right, I am…

how much does plastic surgery cost in korea

How much does plastic surgery cost in South Korea?

South Korea loves plastic surgery. In fact, the nation ranks number one in the world for the number of plastic surgery procedures that are performed annually (when population is taken…

korean medicine

VLOG: Korean Medicine in a Bag

Getting sick sucks no matter where you are in the world. Thankfully in Korea, they have a pretty robust health care system. In today’s video, I go over the costs…

death with dignity

Death with dignity may come to South Korea

I don’t have many fears. Tell me something outrageous and I’ll think it over for a few seconds and then respond, “Sure, why not?” However, there is one thing that…

down syndrome rob kay

The first step on the road to a cure for Down Syndrome?

Today, I came across this story on the Science Blog: “Scientists at UMass Medical School are the first to establish that a naturally occurring X chromosome “off switch” can be…

korean physical therapy

PT In Korea

As I mentioned before, I hurt my knee while training. Tried as I might, I opted not to go to the doctor. But since it wasn’t getting any better on…

Viewer Question: Gluten-Free Options?

Kali wrote in recently asking if there were plenty of options for those allergic to gluten or wanting gluten-free meals. Here’s my personalized answer: Many thanks to Joe at…