Korean Mokbang – Hunger Games Event

Note – the “real” portion of the video starts at 10 minutes.

Several years ago, an online streaming service started in South Korea named AfreecaTV. The service caught on like wildfire with the inception of mokbang (먹방) – which is essentially an eating show. South Koreans would order a ton of food, eat it on camera, and interact with folks on the Interwebs.


The kind folks at AfreecaTV invited me down to their studio on Monday to participate in a mokbang event. Dubbed The Hunger Games, participants were tasked with completing missions while consuming bowls of buldalk bokeum myeong, or spicy noodles.


Being a lover of spice, I had no problem with the noodles and loved every bite. With each bowl rocking 425 calories, I knew I needed to enter the event on an empty stomach. In fact, what I ate on the show amounted to my only caloric intake that day.


The missions were pretty tame, except at the end, when I was tasked with essentially emptying in a whole bottle of mayo into the noodles. That, as Eddie Murphy would say, “be nasty.”

Like I said, I had a blast and have decided to continue to do event. Some of the things I’d like to do is take the iPad out and about and do eating shows in traditional markets and try other things. so if you’re interested in food – be sure to follow me at AfreecaTV for live events.

July 13 AfreecaTV Meokbang Event (먹방 이벤트) 1pm

Do you love food? You know I do! Well, this Monday (July 13, 2015 1pm Korea (4am UTC), I’ll be at the AfreecaTV studios to participate in their HUNGER GAMES.

That’s right, it’s the Korea food eating trend called meokbang (먹방) and I’ll be sitting down in front of the camera eating spicy food and competing in various competitions. It should be a blast.

Join me at http://afreeca.tv/stevemilleranw

I Found Honey Butter Chips

They are the most elusive snacks in Korea: Haitai’s Honey Butter Chips. The bags in this video sell for only W1,500 (about $1.36), but on the open market some are charging as much as $50.


So imagine my surprise when I was out and about walking and found three bags – not at a store, but inside a “claw” game.

I of course had to give it a shot.

Lotteria’s Ramyeon Burger (롯데리아 라면버거)

January 6th marks the first day that Korean fast food giant Lotteria served up their newly branded Ramyeon burger. While ramen burgers have been on the scene for at least a year, this is really the first time it’s hit the South Korean market in force.

The Lotteria offering rides in a W5400 for a set meal, which includes a soda and side order of fries. What else do you get? Not a lot.

The burger itself is quite small… and it’s not even a real burger. It’s actually a chicken patty. The cooks throw on some additional leaves of lettuce, an onion, and a spicy sauce.

The “buns” are circular formed bits of ramyeon. They are fully cooked, limp, and not fried. So after one bite, the whole thing falls apart.

Johanne Miller(@nyxnalia)님이 게시한 사진님,

So how does it taste?


Jo was happier with it than I was. I thought it stated like a run-of-the-mill chicken patty slapped between two cooked sheets of instant noodles. The spicy sauce was nice, but that was about it. In fact, the kid in the video ended up fanning his mouth when it was his turn to devour it.

I will say this, the picture and the product are a lot more in sync than most fast food restaurants.