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asia now podcast

ASIA NOW: Disgusting, but delicious Asian food

Taking a trip to Asia can mean stepping outside your comfort zone. Today on Asia Now, three exotic food experiences: Kopi Luwak, Cobra, and Tarantulas. Asia Now is licensed under…


KAM Chats: #CoffeeTime

This week on Korea and More Chats, Tom and I are talking about coffee. More precisely, where we like to get coffee when we’re out and about. Many say that…

Costco 12 year old scotch

Costco 12 Year Old Scotch

Since college, I’ve enjoyed the sweet, sweet taste of whiskey. A great been is awesome to enjoy, but whiskey is simply sublime. Over the years, Costco has been rolling out…

McDonald's Chicken Salsa Burger

Korean McDonald’s Salsa Chicken Burger

Now that the 2014 FIFA World Cup is underway in Brazil (Brasil), McDonald’s Korea is finally breaking out some specialty food in celebration of the event. Today, Jo and I…


The Amazing SoMaek Prize

Korea’s default alcohols (beer and soju) are bloody cheap. A bottle of the standard soju (a distilled alcohol, similar to vodka and about 20% ABV) will usually run around W1,500…

korean snack doritis bomb

Korean Snacks: Doritos BOMB!

It’s Korean snack time again and today we have a unique offering. While the bag says Doritos, it really isn’t the same Doritos you’d find in the US. In Korea,…

korean university

Korean University Lunch: An odd pairing

A pairing I would have never come up with… 0Shares

chia seeds

Chia seeds give me running power!

In which I talk about eating chia seeds… Yes, those chia seeds and how we get them in Korea. You can get tons of health food items shipped to Korea…

Beer in Asia

Asia Now: Best beer in Asia?

Aside from coffee, beer is my beverage of choice. CNN released a list of the Best Beer Bars in Asia. Here’s the short of it. What do you think? 0Shares

choco pie

The Ultimate Korean Choco Pie?

If there’s one Korean snack food that is probably more loved than anything else it’s the Choco Pie. Just about everyone in Korea loves this cake covered in chocolate syrup…