I Found Honey Butter Chips

They are the most elusive snacks in Korea: Haitai’s Honey Butter Chips. The bags in this video sell for only W1,500 (about $1.36), but on the open market some are charging as much as $50.


So imagine my surprise when I was out and about walking and found three bags – not at a store, but inside a “claw” game.

I of course had to give it a shot.

Lotteria’s Ramyeon Burger (롯데리아 라면버거)

January 6th marks the first day that Korean fast food giant Lotteria served up their newly branded Ramyeon burger. While ramen burgers have been on the scene for at least a year, this is really the first time it’s hit the South Korean market in force.

The Lotteria offering rides in a W5400 for a set meal, which includes a soda and side order of fries. What else do you get? Not a lot.

The burger itself is quite small… and it’s not even a real burger. It’s actually a chicken patty. The cooks throw on some additional leaves of lettuce, an onion, and a spicy sauce.

The “buns” are circular formed bits of ramyeon. They are fully cooked, limp, and not fried. So after one bite, the whole thing falls apart.

Johanne Miller(@nyxnalia)님이 게시한 사진님,

So how does it taste?


Jo was happier with it than I was. I thought it stated like a run-of-the-mill chicken patty slapped between two cooked sheets of instant noodles. The spicy sauce was nice, but that was about it. In fact, the kid in the video ended up fanning his mouth when it was his turn to devour it.

I will say this, the picture and the product are a lot more in sync than most fast food restaurants.

ASIA NOW: Disgusting, but delicious Asian food

asia now podcast

Taking a trip to Asia can mean stepping outside your comfort zone. Today on Asia Now, three exotic food experiences: Kopi Luwak, Cobra, and Tarantulas.

Asia Now is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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KAM Chats: #CoffeeTime

This week on Korea and More Chats, Tom and I are talking about coffee. More precisely, where we like to get coffee when we’re out and about. Many say that that Korea has a great “coffee culture.” That’s a notion I take issue with and think Korea has more of a “cafe culture.”

So sit back, grab a cup of joe and listen to me ramble on about my favorite beverage.

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