Movie Tickets in Korea

I recently was asked about when US (blockbuster) films are released in Korea. Most of the time we get them the same day as the US. However, because piracy is huge here in Korea, some of the bigger films are actually released early. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released on April 24th in Korea, but on May 2nd in the US. Why? Because the studio knows that as soon as it hits the screens, copies will be available on the Internet. They release the films early here in an attempt to get people to see the film in the theater rather than on an illegal download.

Speaking of movies, one thing I really do like one like about going to the movies here is the seats are all reserved. There’s no lining up and trying to get the best seat in the house. You know going in, at the time of purchase, where you will be sitting. I think it is brilliant and I wish more places around the world would do it for general admission movies (I know elite theaters have this, but I’m talking about just regular theaters.)

What about where you live? Can you reserve seats?

How to record a podcast

This week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kevin O’Shea and Jim Mullins. Kevin is the host of the Just Japan podcast. He invited Jim (host of the Mully’s Place Podcast) and I onto the show to talk about podcasting in Asia. During our conversation (the episode drops this week), we took turns discussing our respective technologies. Since I spoke about it in the podcast, I thought I would show you my set-up of how to record a podcast.


I hope that was interesting for you and gives you an idea of how I record the podcast.

An example of podcast audio.

Download QiRanger’s Free Travel eBook about National Parks

In 2006 I decided to take a road trip. I wanted to visit several National Parks, do a little camping, and take a lot of pictures. Ultimately, the trip, or rather journey, changed me. Since I’ve recently started playing with Apple’s Pages word processing program, I noticed one not only had the ability to export documents as ebooks in PDF format, but also as ePub files.

So I dusted off my tale and doctored it up a little to make a free travel ebook available to anyone who wanted to know a little more about me and a particular event that changed my life. Simply click on the links below to download the free ebook in either PDF or ePub format. I hope you enjoy this little story.


The Journey by Steve Miller as a PDF file.

The Journey by Steve Miller as an ePub file.

Korean Games – Feats of Strength

Today I have a great little video. Why? Because I divulge one of my dirty little secrets. I absolutely love carny games. Not any carny games, but ones that require feats of strength. There are many such Korean games to be found at arcades. Sometimes it’s a batting cage, bb-gun, or my personal favorite – the punch bag.

Recently, Jo and I hit up one of these places. It was so much fun that I had Jo film me with the iPhone 5S so I could slow it down in post. While I didn’t get the highest score that not (I was just shy 50 points). But, as we were leaving Jo spotted something else. It was an area set up only that night. A guy had several tiles out and you could pay to see if you could break them. If you did you got a prize. I opted to pay W7,000 to break 15 tiles.

This by far has been my favorite feats of strength Korean game. It was a real rush slamming down and breaking those tiles to win the Teddy Bear. Do you love carnival games? Do you enjoy feats of strength games? Let me know!

EBS Travel Notes: Dutch Waffles

Today’s video is going to be a little something special. On Fridays I appear on EBS Radio here in Korea (around 9:20am). On yesterday’s show I was talking about Amsterdam and how Jo introduced me to one of the most amazing foods on the planet: the stroopwafel or syrup waffle. If you’ve never heard of them, let me say, they’re amazing and my mouth waters just thinking about them. Watch the video to learn more and get an idea of what being inside a radio studio is like during a live show. If you’re wondering why I keep looking off to my left, that’s there the control booth is, but also this is a multimedia broadcast and we have the ability to bring up pictures and video during the show. Ain’t technology grand?

Hosting Arirang

In November, I was asked by a production company to film a special for Arirang Television. It was part of their Arirang Prime documentary series. In the show, I served as the primary host, providing commentary as each segment began. It aired first at 9am on Dec. 19, 2013.

Over the next few days it will be shown many more times: Thurs 3pm, 7pm / Fri 3am / Sat 11am / Sun 5am, 8pm (all times Korean). You can watch the show on Arirang TV, just look for when Arirang Prime airs on your feed. You can also watch via the mobile app and on their website:

Simply look for the live TV feed and you’re good to go.

In case you can’t watch it on the air, no worries. Go to the website, select Arirang Prime from the list of shows, and then go to the Video on Demand Service. You’ll be able to watch the 2013-12-19 show from the list that appears there.

I’d really like to thank Arirang for this and all of you for your support.

Being a Travel Mentor

I was recently asked to join Saemi and Jesse on the set of Arirang Television’s “Travel Story” as a mentor. The show highlights an individual’s dream trip in Korea. As a mentor I provide some extra perspective on the events and how it relates not only to Korea but on a global scale.

Today’s video is a little behinds the scenes treat starting with me leaving Dongtan, joining the cast, and showing you around the set. I hope you enjoyed it!

Korean Drama Sets – Get QiRanger Out There #7

Aside from K-POP, the number one export from Korea are its dramas. Korean Dramas are seen around the globe and loved my millions. In fact, I’ve seen contemporary Korean Dramas dubbed into other languages when traveling they’re that popular. Today, I take you onto the Korean Drama sets in Suncheon. They’re reportedly the nation’s largest, although say some are bigger.

Walking the back lots, I was thrown back in time. The sets are divided into two areas. One was used in the Korean Drama “East of Eden.” There are several sets depicting Japanese Colonial rule here as well. By far the more interesting part of the trip was walking the “Seoul Hill” area, depicting a poor area from the 1960s-1970s. It was awesome and really authentic.

To get there, take bus 77, 99, or 777 from the Bus/Train Station and get off at the Drama Set stop. Admission is W3,000. They are open every day from 9am – 6pm.

If you could visit any TV or movie set, which one would you visit?