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Seoul Vs. Busan

KAM Chats: Seoul Vs Busan

Coming to Korea? Tom extolled the virtues of Busan last week. This time, I make the case for Seoul. So who will win in the epic battle between Seoul Vs….

Is new china the old japan

ASIA NOW: Is New China The Old Japan?

Regional stability is a prominent topic in Asia. China is seen as a bully towards many ASEAN members. Is China following in the footsteps of Japan some 70 years ago?…

AN MH17 Special
asia news weekly

ASIA NEWS WEEKLY: US-China Summit, Japan, Elections, and more

The July 18th edition of the Asia News Weekly Podcast discusses these stories: •    United States Talks To China (1:20) •    Japan continues to struggle with collective self-defense (7:25) •  …

disabled in japan

ASIA NOW: Disabled in Japan

According to ADD International, roughly 15% of the world’s population is disabled. That amounts to over one billion people. Just how do disability services in Japan stack up against the…

Dark Side of Seoul

ASIA NOW: Ghosts, Murder, and Sex in Seoul

Ghosts, murder, and all things scary. Every city has tales that can make your blood curdle. Today, we take a look at Seoul’s seamier side. It’s just one story taking…

giant bubbles

Giant Bubbles in Insadong

Last night, Jo and I were out in Insadong preparing to meet up with ZenKimchi to do a story for Asia Now. While there, we saw this epic performer making…

ANW 7.11.14

ASIA NEWS WEEKLY: July 11, 2014

The July 11th edition of the Asia News Weekly Podcast discusses the following stories: Typhoon Neoguri Indonesia’s Historic Election The Aftermath of Xi’s visit to South Korea Asia Now Stories…

bank of korea

The Bank of Korea Museum

Riding home from Seoul this week, I passed by the old Bank of Korea building (and present day museum). From the bus’ window, I snapped this picture with my iPhone…

asia now podcast

ASIA NOW: Disgusting, but delicious Asian food

Taking a trip to Asia can mean stepping outside your comfort zone. Today on Asia Now, three exotic food experiences: Kopi Luwak, Cobra, and Tarantulas. Asia Now is licensed under…