Hi. I’m Steve Miller, the QiRanger. In 1994 I began blogging. Well, it wasn’t called blogging back then. What I was doing is sharing by life with friends and family using email during the Internet’s infancy. Gradually, those ramblings became a blog. In 2007, I purchased my first laptop with a webcam. On a Sunday, I opted not to write an entry and record a video blog, or VLOG. From that moment on, I was hooked on video.

Since moving to Korea in 2008, I began creating video content for my YouTube Channel. The videos focused on my life in South Korea as an ESL teacher and my travels throughout its land. Within two years, my videos were recognized for their quality and featured in a number of overseas markets. This also led to me being selected as a Featured Writer for The Korea Blog, the official blog of the Korean Government. Before long I stated making appearances on radio and television stations. Today, I’m one of the most recognizable content creators based in Korea. Oh, and I maintain a full-time University teaching load.

In 2013, I took QiRanger.com in a new direction, capitalizing on my passions for travel, culture, and news. In addition to producing travel articles and videos, I introduced editorial coverage of current events in Korea. These appeared as posts and videos (or both). This has led me to create a second, dedicated site to a pair of podcasts under heading Asia News Weekly.

I am very much interested in the world around us and how events impact our global community. It’s why I share the news and travel. It’s why I share my thoughts and stories. This giant blue marble we’re living in is a great place, and while people may be separated by great distances, the Internet allows for those gaps to be eliminated.

Be sure to follow along with my adventures to see where I am going next and what’s happening in East Asia. Add QiRanger.com to your favorite reader or come back often. You can also connect with me via Twitter, Facebook page, Instagram, or use the contact form below.

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