REVIEW: JayBird Bluebuds X Bluetooth Headphones

If you’ve been following me at all on this site or the interwebs, you know I like to stay fit. It’s not because I am some sort of fitness fanatic, but because I like great tasting food, and a lot of it. My preferred method of exercise is not hitting the gym, but hitting the pavement and going for a run. There is one problem. I sweat like there’s no tomorrow.

Jay Bird Bluebuds X Bluetooth HeadphonesThat picture was taken with my iPhone right after a run last week. You can see the sweat beading up on my bald head and it doesn’t stop there. In the summer, my shirt becomes drenched with the smelly liquid to the point I can wring out about 10ml of fluid – if not more. When I sit to cool off after my run, there’s actually a pool created from sweat dripping off my legs. It’s nasty.

So why am I telling you this? Well, over the past two years, this copious sweating has cost me several headphones. I blew through the two standard Apple iPhone cords, three more pairs of the new iPhone Ear Buds, and four other $30-$50 pairs. I’ve probably spent over $250 in two years on head phones for my runs because it’s a vital tool for tracking pace and distance. And you know what? I’m tired of it. It was time to finally make an investment in something that wouldn’t gunk up and break after a few months.

JayBird Bluebuds X Bluetooth Headphones

Jay Bird Bluebuds X Bluetooth HeadphonesOkay, let me begin by saying these are my thoughts on the product. This is not a sponsored post or review. In fact, until last week I had never heard of the company or the headphones. I was reading through my RSS feeds and an article came across listing ten suggestions for headphones for those who run. The JayBird Bluebuds X were one of the few pairs that were not only sweat proof but also bluetooth enabled. So they caught my eye.

So what makes them so great?

One of the reasons I hadn’t purchased a pair of “sports headphones” before was because typically, they are a bit pricy. For me, spending more than $15 on a pair of headphones is a steep investment, since I’m not an audiophile. But after wasting my money for two years, I finally figured it was time to invest in something that would last.

Jay Bird Bluebuds XWhen reading the reviews and product sheets here are the key points that typically drive the sales:

  1. Bluethooth
  2. Sweat proof
  3. 8-hour battery life
  4. Official headphones of the US Triathlon Team

What may kill the sale? The price tag: $170.

But after doing research, I decided to go ahead and make the purchase. I figured it was time and I wanted to get something that would last. The headphones arrived and I quickly put on the correct tips and wings to secure their fit.

JayBird Bluebuds XI’ve had them for a week and this is what I’ll report – I LOVE THEM.

One of the things I hated with my corded headphones was that every once in a while, I’d snag them on something and they’d rip out of my ear. No such problem with the JayBird Bluebuds X. They easily connected to my iPhone and from that moment on, it was music heaven. I’ve also not noticed any additional power drain or heat from my phone while running. While I haven’t expended the battery yet, I have been using it every day and am nearing seven hours of use on the initial charge.

Worth it?

The Bluebuds X work exactly as advertised. Honestly, I can’t tell any acoustic difference between the bluetooth headphones and the one’s I’ve been buying over the years. Those that are particular about sound might nitpick the headphones, but I don’t. They sound fine. To be honest, I usually have them at a low volume as well, since I’m running on the street and I need to be able to hear what’s going on around me. I’m not listening to become immersed in sound, I’m listening to help pass the time and they perform well at that.

I’ve been able to run with them and even perform my travel workout routine with them. That’s something I’d never be able to do with corded headphones, which means that hitting the gym to lift will also be easy. The anti-sweat feature also works (well, I assume it does… and if it doesn’t, it comes with a lifetime warranty against sweat damage). I’ve also used them to listen to a few podcasts on buses. They worked fantastic. While I’m not crazy about the $170 price tag, you get what you pay for: a great piece of technology that works extremely well.

If you’re looking for a set of exercise headphones, especially if you sweat a lot, be sure to consider these. I’m happy with my purchase.


    Do those plastic insert thingies hurt in your ears? Used to have earbuds w/ plastic hooks (around the ear) on the outside. It hurt my ear.

    • qiranger

      Nope. They actually anchor the buds in there. You don’t have to use them either. They’re supposed to assist in getting a tigher fit to produce better sound.

  • s_nexus

    Where did your wife buy them? I’d love to buy these in Korea.

  • scott

    i watched your video and you said you werent able to move the sound track forward by double pressing the middle button and though that may be true if you held the volume up button for a few seconds would move forward to the next track..not sure if you already knew that since it wasnt stated in your video..if you didnt know then now you know and if you did know then at least you know some actually watches your videos =p great review by the way.. ..hope you give us an update on whether you still love them or not.

    • qiranger

      Yeah, the up button does move the song forward, but I’m still used to double tapping the call button – so it causes a problem then and again! I love the buds and use them all the time.

      Thanks Scott!

  • Mhor

    I noticed that battery life does not last for 8 hours (it last 4 hours or less on me). Does anyone also experience this problem?

    Note: I tried to observe by changing volume levels as well (Volume levels might affect battery consumption), but it wont’ even reach 5 hours.

  • John

    When you go running do you use another app to keep track of how many miles you have gone? and do the headphones interfere with that? I like to use the Nike Running app when I run.

    • qiranger

      I also use the Nike running app. I have also used Runmeter. Both work without any problems.

      • John

        Great, thanks for your help.

  • mark

    I came across this review today.

    Are you still using these headphones? Ive read many people say they “stop working”. Have you experienced this at all or have they held up since the review? Have you come across any other bluetooth headphones that rival these? I purchased these (JBL) and I’m on the fence about returning them for the jaybirds.

    Thanks in advance for any info,


    • Steve Miller

      Hey Mark,

      Yes, I still use them. The batter life is shorter now, but I’m still usually able to get about 5 hours of time on a single charge.


      • mark

        That’s not too bad. My workout sessions (the only time I use bluetooth) are only about an hour-hour and a half so thats not an issue.

        Three other things.

        1. how was the fit? did they stay in well? I’m not a big IE fan at all, but Bose 1000% sold me on the wing/ear canal hook. The JBL’s I have now (and am debating returning to upgrade to the jaybirds) use them and they are soft but firm, and stay in well. One bit issue I read about the Jaybirds is the fit is hit or miss, with most going with the comply tips (@ $20 for a set of 3) which I’m not really looking to do if I’m already dropping $130 on the jaybirds.

        2. Sound quality. My “go to” headphones for sound are my Bose IE2’s. They sound fantastic. THe JBL’s are loud (contrary to many reviews), have solid bass, but the high seem to lack bc of the bass involved (and this is after my eq tweaking). How do the Jaybirds stack up sound wise? I personally like a “V” sound so I like my bass to hit and my highs to ring.

        3. Bluetooth connection. Did they have drop offs or points where you lost connection to your device? Right now in the gym, that’s my biggest gripe with these JBL’s. The consensus is “that’s just expected with bluetooth”, but I have moto’s that are 10 years old that never drop off, so I dont buy that at all.

        Maybe my link of what I have now (and may return) didn’t post. I have these currently.

        JBL – Reflect BT Earbud Headphones – Blue

        Thanks for the info. I’ll be perusing the rest of your site to check out some more reviews!

        • Steve Miller

          Mark, the fit of the Jaybirds are fine for me. I don’t have a problem with the. The JBLs look great as well, but I usually try to keep the comments free of links.

          Sound – They’re fine- I’m not interested in massive quality. Just something I can run with and listen to music with.

  • Caleb Choo

    Hey good review..I had the some problem as u..but mine was because of the humid malaysian weather. So I bought this Bluebuds x from . local company they provide warranty and extended warranty also. Using them for few months already.. Great piece of regrets ..anyone can use this for running or anything..u don’t have to be a fitness guy..a regular Joe can use this also