What Does Korea Mean To You?

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I’ve had the pleasure of living in some pretty amazing places over the years, but by far one of the best has been Dongtan, South Korea. For nearly five years I’ve called Korea home and have come to absolutely love a number of things about it. It’s what inspired me to make this video a while back.

In the comment section of the video a number of viewers shared what they loved about Korea and since I spent a lot of time sharing what I love about Korea, I’d like to ask you the same question.

What do you love about Korea? What words or images come to mind when you think of Korea?

Please share your thoughts with me below. I can’t wait to hear from you. When I return from my vacation in August, I’ll be producing a series of videos about South Korea and I want to include your thoughts with them.

Thank you so much for being a part of this.

  • Mirene

    The words that come on my mind about South Korea: beautiful, fun, respect, tradition, modernity, history, youth, incredible, amazing and so on… summarizing (and maybe I’m wrong) but South Korea for me will be living and enjoying Life fully and passionately (working a lot indeed but also using one of the best technologies and customer service ever, having fun in every corner of Seoul with good friends, enjoying good food, being able to contemplate the beauty of South Korea every day )
    The emotions I feel every time I see a video about South Korea or think about South Korea: I wanna go there, I need to go there, I have to go there!!! what an extraordinary country and culture joining modernity, tradition history all together!

    • qiranger

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. I really appreciate it.

  • Dina

    When I first started learning korean language and knowing more about the country , I noticed something EPIC : my heart beats faster , or at least that is why I imagine , when I learn Korean , I forget all about the world around me , all my senses are focused on only listening . Only then I knew this is a passion towards knowing more about this particular place .
    I have never been there but it is so vivid like in another world I would have lived there .

    • qiranger

      Thank you so much for taking the time to reply!

  • Journey

    I have been studying Korea for awhile now; I find it endlessly fascinating. Your videos have been a part of my learning process, thanks. :-)
    I want to tell you my feelings. I tend to be wordy….I hope that you don’t mind.
    First off: I can’t talk of Korea without an awareness of both Koreas. Part of my wonder with this country is the contrast between the two. SK, once the poor and backward part of the country, has risen like a phoenix from the ashes of the Korean War and become the eighth largest economy In The World, and this was accomplished in in a mere 50 or so years. After the war, SK was struggling to rise….in the 1950’s the only paved road in SK was from Seoul to Incheon. People were peasants and farmers. They must have been reeling from the shock of being cut off from parts of their families by the 38th parallel, and from the devastation and destruction left by the bombs and fighting. Despite these difficult burdens, they set their sights on a brighter future. I try to imagine the steely resolve they had to muster to accomplish their transformation in such a ridiculously brief time span. What are these people made of, that they were able to force the fates to smile on them? The country identified education as a prize that all their citizens must own; they armed themselves with an expertise in technological knowledge, and they worked tirelessly to fulfill a dream. Look at Seoul!! Who would have believed that small city would have become a jewel in the crown of their achievements? It’s with these thoughts in mind that I say I admire the Korean people and respect their industry. For all of their progress, they still preserve and treasure their history and ancestry. It is a great country that is able to hold onto the past and the future at the same time.

    And NK is full of people of the same caliber I am certain. However, they have been ambushed by a leader(s) who has formed a cult of personality and a new religion of self praise that crushes them under his heel. The Kims, all three, have turned the whole country into a prison. As food ran out, the people in the countryside starved while the elite in Pyongyang ate a little better. Any negative words about the leader would land whole families in the concentration camps that dotted the country. (after WWII, when concentration camps were discovered in Germany and Poland, the world was shocked and wondered how such savagery could have continued for so long……in NK these horrors have been ignored by the world for DECADES longer>> how can that be?)

    North Korea is the antithesis of South Korea. Could a country be divided in any more ways than this one? The slavery and poverty and utter misery of North Korea underlines the shining example and remarkable progress of South Korea. Like so many people, I look the other way when I think of NK because I don’t know what else to do, or how to effectively help. But oh…..I wish I could rescue people there. I will focus on SK, because their desire for reunification is the best hope for NK> IMHO

    South Korea has become such an amazing place, I think everyone would want to visit, if they only knew. They have mountains that stand proudly, beaches that encourage day trips. The cities are first rate, their museums world class. Their music is fun and engaging. And the history! Carefully preserved, it sets a persons mind to dreaming of visions of stirring battles, determined patriots, hardy peasants, strong women, loving families…..and don’t forget Korean Royalty!! Whose imagination isn’t stirred by stories of kings?!! Of all the assets of SK, though, I am thinking their people probably trump everything else. Only a remarkable people could have seen the project through in the spectacular way that they did.

    Okay. Now. I’m a realist, I know every country has problems, but I am so overwhelmed with what is right about SK, I can’t focus on the places there might be room for improvement. Not my job. Whatever they might be, I’m sure somebody in the country is working on it, and will figure it out soon. So. What is not to like about SK?…………….*crickets*………..

    • qiranger

      Thanks for such an awesome reply.

  • http://mojaam.com mojaam

    Hi Steve,

    Would love to see you perhaps explore some of the lesser known topics/stories in South Korea such as minority groups, religions being practiced (love this: https://vimeo.com/45171937), and South Korean’s view on America and other cultures. I love South Korea and would be interested to see what you come up with. Keep up the good work!

    • qiranger


  • Caitlyn Kavan

    A lot of times people think that America is the land of opportunities but in my eyes, South Korea is the land of opportunities! South Korea has made such huge steps and developed into a force to be reckoned with! When I think of South Korea, I have a sense of comfort, happiness, hospitality, and hope. Korea is where my heart is.

  • Anastassia

    When my homecity – Vladivostok (the very Far East of Russia) was founded, it was extremely multicultural: Japanese, Koreans, Americans, Germans, French, Chinese and other people have influenced my birthplace and made it the place which I love so much. Korean cuisine is very popular among Vladivostok citizens. There’re lots of Koreans and Russian Koreans here. Aaand of course someday I had to visit Korea. So I fell in love with Seoul. It’s so comfortable. Sometimes it is slow, sometimes it is busy and rapid. Whatever you want! My wedding was in Seoul. I was so happy to walk along Chonggyechong wearing my wedding dress and to dance with my husband while a street musician was playing “Let it be” by Beatles. I think kimchi is the best food ever ever! I cook Korean food at home and I’m fond of it! Some months ago I started to learn Korean and I do really enjoy it. I have a lot of Korean friends and they help me to master the language. I can’t mention exactly what I love in Korea and Koreans. I just can do nothing with myself. I want to go there again and again) It’s very friendly place.