Korean Hiking Markers

hiking trekking koreaIf you’re like me, nothing says summer more than a good hike. Strapping on some good boots, or in this past weekend’s case, my wonderful Teva sport shoes. While we were out shooting this last weekend for June’s Korea Blog series, we unexpectedly decided to go hiking. I welcomed it, since it had been way too long since my feet have hit the trail.

We opted for a short hike and made it into a video that will be showcased next month. One of the best things about hiking in Korea is the safety precautions put in place. On many trails throughout the nation, one will come across markers like the one shown above. Not only are the trails marked in the traditional sense, but these markers go above and beyond giving directions.

Each one is carefully marked and positioned within cell tower coverage zones. Therefore, should an emergency arise, hikers can call on their mobile phones and give a precise position to first responders.

While in larger countries and parks, placing cell phone towers may not be possible – placing markers such as these should become the standard. Should an emergency arise, hikers can direct help to the desired location faster.

Do they have markers like this in your area?

  • http://www.grrrltraveler.com GRRRL TRAVELER

    No way! Is this something new that Korea has been integrating within the past 2 years or have I not been observant in my hikes?

    • qiranger

      While they aren’t everywhere, they are quite common. You will usually find them on shorter mountains; however, I have seen quite a few on a number of the larger peaks – especially where the trails may not be as frequently traveled. It assists should there be a rescue attempt needed. On busier trails, they may not be present, because it is hoped a hiker will stop to assist.

  • Thomas Shepard

    My wife and I just hiked Hallasan @ Jeju Island, and we saw those markers there, pretty cool! We live down in Yeosu, and the ‘smaller’ mountains around here don’t have them (yet?). Nice blog! tommyshepard.wordpress.com

    • qiranger

      Thanks. I think it will only be a matter of time before they are installed. Even in Dongtan our small hills have them.

  • Adventure Strong

    That’s a really smart addition to the trail system. I haven’t seen any like that around Suwon though.

    • qiranger

      Really? We have them here in Dongtan. I hope they roll them out more. Really great additions.