Koee Dutch Coffee

One last thing before we depart for all things warm this winter. I need to send a huge shout out to my friend Ahmed, or as I call him, the Gray Fox. For the holidays he sent me a bottle of Dutch Coffee. No this isn’t coffee laced with Mary Jane, as the Internet would lead you to believe, but rather a special cold-brew method of making coffee.


If you know Gray, like I do, you know he loves his coffee. After all, when we ventured down to explore his neck of the woods, that’s what he like to show us:

And he knows his coffee, too. He contacted me and said, “I’d like to send you my favorite drink in Korea.” With an opening line like that, how could I refuse? Koee Coffee has a number of different things to offer customers in Seoul, and while the coffee is on the expensive side, you do most certainly get what you pay for. The coffee is rich and smooth and is, in a word: FANTASTIC.

For complete information on Koee Coffee, please visit their website.
Phone: +82-2-744-7922