GoPro Mic Review: Edutige ETM-001/ETM-006/ETA-001

The Problem with GoPro Mics

The GoPro is an incredible camera. Those that have used it usually state that of all the action cameras on the market, it is the clear and decided winner. However, despite its continued advances in filming technology, in one area the camera does fall a little short – sound. The GoPro Hero2 mic is small, tinny, and produces sound not fit for your ears. Thankfully , I’ve found an awesome solution, grown right here in Korea that takes advantage of the GoPro’s mic input.

Edutige ETM-001

GoPro Edutige ETM-001

Pictured above is the Edutige ETM-001. It’s a small hyper-sensitive microphone manufactured right here in Korea. Available on EBay for around $40US, the microphone is roughly $25US when purchased directly from the company site. The microphone works extremely well with the GoPro Mic input jack. Since the device is small, the overall profile doesn’t detract from the size of the camera itself. In fact, when filming indoors, the mic produces some amazing sound.

The one drawback of the microphone is that it doesn’t ship with a deadcat for use outdoors. The available windscreen does a good job under normal instances, but if you’re going to filming outdoors, purchasing a deadcat will be a must. Most will be familiar with the Rycote windjammer. It’s the go-to brand for many. However, In July 2013, Edutige released the EWS-003. These Korean fur windscreens work as well as the Rycotes and you get 3 for the same price as 1 Rycote. The linked post has my thoughts and sound comparisons.

The Edutige ETM-001’s strength is in its ability to capture high quality sound in a tiny package by upping the microphone’s gain. That sometimes poses a problem when recording in low frequency environments. I’ve noticed on buses that the microphone records so much sound that the rumble from engines over-modulates. It’s not enough to make me want to stop using the microphone, but if trying to capture audio in this environment, you may need to make other arrangements.

Edutige ETM-006

This is the ETM-006 lav microphone. It works under the same principles as the ETM-001, but is a little less sensitive. The 1.3m cord works well if you’re going right into a recording device, such as your iPhone, camera, or computer. Overall sound is comparable and it works extremely well with the GoPro.

Edutige ETA-001

When recording at your desk, using the ETM-001 might prove problematic, since there may be poor acoustics where the camera/mic is located. For this you’ll need a way to move the mic into a better position. The Edutige ETA-001 is a great solution. It ships with a 3m cord and accommodates both the ETM-001 and ETM-006, making it perfect for what ever you need it for. One thing that is also quite nice about the base station, is that there is a strong magnet in ti. This allows the user to attach a metal plate to a surface and secure the mic there if needed.

The Bottom Line

I have been completely impressed with these microphones and think once again it will help me take advantage of the GoPro even more. If you’re looking for a small and powerful external microphone for your GoPro, I recommend the Edutige ETM-001. I think you’ll be pleased.

The opinions expressed here are my own. Edutige provided me with an ETM-001, ETA-001, and ETM-006. I would have gladly purchased them, but when contacting them to do so, they offered to send them to me after watching one of my videos featuring the ETM-001. I honestly believe this is the best mic I have found to date for the GoPro. I have purchased a competitors mic, and the ETM-001 blows it away.