Korean Brandy: Omaerak

Last year, Jo purchased a bottle of Omaerak (오매락) while out on a trip with some friends. She thought it was a fancy bottle of makgeolli (막걸리), since she bought it a makgeolli brewery. I never looked into to it, since that made sense. We were both wrong. Omaerak is a traditional Korean brandy.


According to the box, it won a design award in 2002, and it’s easy to see why. The bottle is encased in a clay jar that you have to bust open. Pictured above, you get the “pug” and mallet, as well as a sheet of paper to catch any flying debris. the bottle is wrapped in a cloth to contain the chips of clay as you break it.

I was a little nervous cracking things open, but I have to say, the packing was superb. The Omaerak also tasted great. I had a heft glass as we retired and watched a few television shows.

The video was another test for me, and it worked great! The video was shot with Jo using my primary GoPro Camera. I call it my primary GoPro, since it has the LCD backing on it. For sound, I used the Edutige ETM-006 lav mic plugged into the second GoPro and synced the sound in post. The result was just want I wanted to achieve, and I’m really happy with the sound on this one. This means, that while out in the field, I can either use my iPhone or the second GoPro for sound and leave the H2 home, since it is rather bulky.

What do you think?

What did you have Friday night?