North Korean Food in Seoul

A short while ago, Bobby wrote a nice piece about Pyeong Ga Oak (평가옥) – a franchise featuring North Korean style cuisine.  The post caught not only my eye, but also that of Jo-Anna of The View From Over Here. She put out an ask on Facebook to see if anyone wanted to venture out to give the restaurant a try, and seeing as how it was a long time since Jo and I had seen her, we gladly told her we’d love to come.

North Korean Food - QiRanger

The restaurant looks much nicer than the building it is in, which is undergoing some renovations at the moment. This particular branch is located not far from Gwanghwamun Station Exit 1.

Meals inside are about W10,000 per serving, no matter what you buy. They do have a number of larger dishes, serving 3-4 people, and those are priced the same as well.

North Korean Food - QiRanger

To be honest, I wasn’t able to really see what distinction can be made between “South Korea” style and “North Korean” style. But then again, I can’t discern regional specialties either. I opted to try the beef mandu soup and found it delicious. The beef was tender and the four mandu that were included in the brother were stuffed and amazing. They were seriously some of the best mandu I’ve ever had. However, I thought the broth lacked flavor. It was really subtle, and I found it a little lacking.

Jo-Anna and Sanghyun had to leave after lunch and prepare to teach a Korean class. So Jo and I opted to stay in town and take in the 2012 Seoul Lantern Festival. Because I was trying out some new mics and camera techniques, I opted to shoot everything that day with the GoPro Camera.


  • 조안나

    Fun day! I’ll be posting my blog about it soon! 

    • qiranger

      We’ll have to get together soon and do another food trip!

      • 조안나

         Anytime! I’m always game!