Kape Barako

Kape Barako is a varietal coffee from the Cavite province of the Philippines. It’s made from the rare species Coffea liberica, which accounts for less than 1% of commercially grown coffee.

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What is Barako?

Barako, a Filipino Term for a male stud, has become synonymous with this dark, full bodied coffee. The first Barako trees were planted in Brazil in the 1800s, and later in many countries. After a ravenous infection spread across the Philippines, the entire species was almost wiped out. Today, the coffee has seen a comeback, especially in Southeast Asian countries where the beans flourish.

Kape Barako - Philippines - Coffee - QiRanger


Kape Barako is typically hand dripped or made with a French Press. Some even make espresso out of the beans. For those preferring a little sweetness to their Barako, I recommend using honey or brown sugar over the white stuff.


Serving up this coffee after making a hand drip, the first thing I noticed was its pungent aroma. While many beans have a fruity smell, this does not. You can tell that the liberica beans came from volcanic lands thanks to their earthy waft. As expected, the brew was extremely dark and raising the mug to my lips found its bold taste refreshing. This coffee isn’t for everyone. Only those that enjoy the powerful taste of beans will savor the nectar as it passes their lips.

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If you’d like to learn more about Kape Barako and Filipino coffee, visit the Phippine Coffee Board. However, what I would like to know, is when you drink coffee, what kind of roast do you like? Mild, Medium, Bold, or Extra Bold? Please leave your comment in the section below.