Coffee Gum?

Wednesday was election day in Korea, meaning that many people had the day off. Since I don’t teach on Wednesdays, it really didn’t change the way I spent my day… which was busy editing another video. However, while out and about I saw this:

QiRanger - Coffee - Gum - KoreaThe Hangul reads Arabica Coffee… and yes, that’s a container of gum. It’s made by Lotte and for 9 sticks of gum infused with 2.1% Instant Coffee, you pay 1000원. How does it taste?

Imagine chewing a non-flavorful stick of gum while drinking some instant coffee. If you’ve ever done this in the past (or happen to do so in the future)you’ll know exactly what this tastes like. It isn’t bad, but certainly not worth the money when half as much gets better tasting gum.

What’s the most interesting flavor combination you’ve come across?

  • Scroozle

    I forgot you didn’t work on Wednesdays. That explains yesterday’s Twitter convo! I didn’t understand why you didn’t choose something else to do yesterday if the video editing was so time consuming on your day off. But that’s your regular schedule for Wednesdays. Whoops.

    As for interesting taste combos… Green tea icecream. I never thought I would get used to it, much less like it, but it has grown on me!

    • Steve

      I like that as well. Always make a point to get some when we go to Bosong. In Arizona, we have prickly pair ice cream. Fantastic stuff.

      Well, truth be told, I spend about 40-50 hours on QiRanger stuff each week. It’s one reason I love taking breaks on vacation.

  • Jazmine

    I never experience to eat this coffee gum..I think I should go to Korean store to buy some..Sounds interesting one..

    • Steve

      Not all that interesting, but a nice change!

  • Laura

    Man, you scared me at the beginning of the video! :D I think this is a very cool idea! I would like to try it!

    • Steve

      How did I scare you?

  • Sean

    My favorite gum is Lotte Xylitol! Didn’t see that in G25 when I was in Korea :<

    • Steve

      Really? I see that all the time!

  • Azliza Wasnin

    it’s really interesting!!

    • qiranger

      That it is!!! Thanks for leaving a comment!