Losing Weight

Thankfully, I’ve been fit for several years. There was a time when that wasn’t the case after I hurt my knee. I ballooned up to 250 pounds and it took well over a year to get down to a manageable weight. Since I’ve been in Korea, I’ve been able to keep my weight where I like it. Around 87-89kg. For someone my height, that is a healthy weight. Last year, I did set a goal to get down to 85kg. How am I doing?

So recently I’ve been hovering around the 87-88kg range. When we got back from the Philippines in February, I was almost at my goal weight… but that went away as soon as I resumed sitting at the desk working and not traveling around as much and relying on snacks more. That has got to change. One thing that has been working for me has been working out or running more. I’ve had to lay off at the gym due to a shoulder injury that’s taking its own sweet time to heal, but it is getting better. I’m hoping to get back to lifting soon and also getting back to my downward trend in kilogram loss.

QiRanger - Wii Fit - Wii Age

Since Jo and I really don’t have a good scale, we’ve been using the Wii she picked up to track our loss. One of the more interesting features of the program pertains to it testing your agility and mental status. Then it takes that data and your weight to calculate your Wii Age. I’m not sure what all that really means in terms of health… but I like the fact that it thinks I’m 24. For the record, the best I’ve been able to do on the Wii Age is a full 20 years younger than my actual age.

What really slows my weight loss down is that I’m not really motivated to lose much. I am, in fact, at a good weight. I would like to lose the extra 4 or so kilos, but it really isn’t necessary… besides, I really like having that whiskey before bed and the periodic pizza or fried chicken – all of which would have to go if I were to really get serious about the weight loss. That being said, I am going to get more serious about the running and lifting. I really need to do more than the 3 days a week I am doing now. I just find that if I do not go first thing in the morning… I make too many excuses later on in the day, since I like to keep the work flow going.

How do you make the time? Also, like the video asks… what’s your favorite diet cheat?