Cartoon Fun!

Last weekend, Jo and I ventured to the Seoul Animation Center. I really wasn’t sure what we’d find, but both of us had wanted to go for some time ever since we first saw the sign along the road leading up to Namsan Tower. You can read all about our trip at The Korea Blog.

Originally I had wanted the video to be about 90 seconds, but even speaking quickly, it was hard for me to get the voice over to fit inside two minutes. As a result, I think it’s a little rushed, but still does a good job of detailing the center. By far the most fun Jo and I had been in the stop motion class.

While in the library, I loved going through the old Transformer and HALO books. Jo was captivated by the architectural books. I only wished we had more time to watch a film or two. Perhaps next time.

Want to see my animated film? Here it is!