A few udates!

Since I’ve been back from vacation (almost a month now), I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things with my Korean studies. The first nearly two weeks I didn’t touch Rosetta Stone, or any of my other materials because I was just too busy ramping up production for the current season. However, I did have a plan.

My original goal for the past term was to complete all of Level 1 during the 16 weeks of the semester. That seemed quite a reasonable goal. Each unit has 4 lessons. There are 4 weeks in a month. The math seemed perfect. I was the faulty part in the equation. I made it through Unit 3, Lesson 3. Once I got back, I opted to review what I had learned by going over the Adaptive Recall strategies and vocabulary units. Today was my first day learning all new material. This is how I fared:

It’s not what I hoped for, since I try to stay above the 95% mark. I made several stupid mistakes, but some of the errors stemmed from Rosetta Stone introducing two new vocabulary words and me not knowing which one to go with. Essentially giving me a 50/50 chance of getting the answer right.

The other evening I also set up the GoPro to test out the time-lapse feature. It was the first time I used this particular model for this purpose. The film was shot over 86 minutes while I left the apartment to get some dinner for Jo and I. I chose an interval of 5 seconds for the pictures, and I think for this short of film it was too much. Ever 2 seconds would have been better.

  • http://www.tigersandmagpies.com Eddie Provencher

    Learning Korean takes dedication. For people like us who spend a great amount of personal time on our projects, it leaves very little time for Korean. Hats off to you for pushing forward.

    The time lapse video is cool. I agree that a shorter interval would have made a smoother video.

    • Steve

      Thanks Eddie for stopping by. I really want to get through at least my Rosetta this year. I find that on some of my interviews it makes for an easier time. Hopefully I will be able to succeed.

      One of the projects I’ll be trying this spring is a fun 24 hour recording using the HFS11. Can’t wait to see that done.