Nothing to do but have some fun!

Ah, that view just inspires me. It’s how we spent most sunsets on Boracay- sipping back a wonderful beverage. However, if you think that’s the only thing we did on the island, you’d be terribly wrong.

To begin with, most of what I wanted to do on the island involved being in water. This meant that we needed to find a good SCUBA facility, and we found just that with Dive Gurus. Located at Station 3, the shop had multiple dives every day and was a Five Star PADI shop. This allowed Jo to start her certification training and me to get in dives every day. Furthermore, they had a nice little bar and free WiFi available. What made Dive Gurus even better was its atmosphere. Rather than just being a dive shop, it was a place to hang out and have a good time. I routinely found myself drinking coffee or having a beer and chatting the day away between dives.

Aside from this great place, are the other tours available on the island. When walking along the White Beach, you can literally find hundreds of people willing to sell you a tour. Picking one over the other really doesn’t matter, since they take you to the same place. However, don’t stick to the quoted price. Go ahead and ask for the discount!!! Jo and I opted to try zip lining, para sailing, and Zorbing.

While the para sailing delivered as promised, taking us up into the sky for 20 minutes, there wasn’t much thrill. Perhaps this was because Jo and I have sky dived and para glided before, but I think there was another reason. When I have previously para sailed, there weren’t strong winds, so to get aloft, the speed boat had to whip around and go fast to generate the force needed to send me up into the air. On Boracay, there were strong off shore winds, so it was quite easy to go up. We did see magnificent views, but the trip itself wasn’t speedy.

After going zip lining in Korea, I knew the bar would be set quite high for anything to even come close to that thrill. The zip line on Boracay was fun, and sent us through the tree tops, but lacked the adrenaline rush we experienced in Korea. While the trip between towers is better suited for those not liking heights or speeds, adventurers wanting excitement should look elsewhere.

After two misses for new thrills and chills, Boracay delivered a home run with Zorbing. A Zorb is a giant rubber ball that’s hollow inside. It’s placed atop a giant hill and then you’re pushed down. Sound like fun? It is. In fact, it’s the most fun outing I’ve been on in a while. Jo and I weren’t sure what to expect when placed inside the ball. When it finally started rolling down the hill that’s when the laughing started. It was so much fun and something I can’t wait to go back and do again! Make sure you watch the entire video to see me be run over by the ball.

These are only a few of the recreation options available along the White Beach. There’s scooter rentals and more to be done, so if these four activities don’t suit you, you will find more that will. Speaking of that, what’s your favorite beach activity? I’d like to thank for sponsoring this video. For more travel videos check out their site.

  • Jo-Anna

    Usually I just stick to snorkling.. I’m not quite as daring as you guys!

    • Steve

      You should definitely give it a go. It was so much fun!