Food and Fun!

Food and Fun
Upload Date: 2012-02-12
The QiRanger Adventures Podcast S2E2

1) Welcome and News
Seoul Mayor
Freaking Cold Here!!! Coldest I ever recall in Korea!
GoPro Hero2 continues to amaze me. More vlogs with that camera.

2) Content RE<Wind
Seoul restaurant –
Park Cemetery  –
Jongno App –
Gambling on High1 –
Vlogs about working out.

3) QOTW: Is the water safe to drink in Korea?

Send your questions to or @qiranger on twitter. I’ll answer them in the podcast or make a personal video response.

4) Travel Talk: Interview with John Pham

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  • Jason

    Currently listening to the podcast. I feel your pain with the cold weather. It’s not a lot of fun here in Japan either. Good stuff Steve!

    • Steve

      Yeah, from what I hear, they are even more brutal in Japan, since many places don’t have great insulation. That’s one thing I am thankful for here.

      Thanks for giving the podcast a good listen!

  • Kenyatta J. Gonzalez

    HI Steve,

    Well if your in pain because of the cold weather I’m in pain of the heat here in the Philippines. And how I wish to be in a cold place someday. :)

    • Steve

      I’ll take the heat any day. I love it!!!!