Korean Street Food: Egg Bread

The desire to eat can strike at any moment of the day. Many times, I’m out walking and my eye will catch something. Usually, I try to eat healthy and snack on rice-based products like kimbaps. However, sometimes the sweet tooth needs to be satisfied and for that I zero in on Korean Egg Bread.

Throughout Korea, it’s fairly common to see Egg Bread (계란빵 / gye-ran-bbang) served in various street stalls. In my travels I’ve come across two varieties that I like to call “innies” and “toppers.” Egg bread is made by using a mixture that is similar in taste to American pancakes. The batter is then poured into a mini loaf and baked. Then an egg is added. With the “innie” variety, the egg is placed between two loaf halves and then cooked when each half is combined. The “topper” Egg Bread type is cooked whole with the egg placed on top of the batter and allowed to cook there. I’ve found the “topper” variety to be more widely available. Nonetheless, both are tasty.

The sweet taste of the batter combined with the egg makes it a perfect treat. In Seoul, I’ve seen them sold for W1000 a piece; however, at my local subway stop they’re W700 a piece or three-for-W2,000.

When you’re out and about and have to feed that sweet tooth, what snack to you get?