The QiRanger Adventures Podcast: Episode 16

Episode 16

1) Welcome and News
    SinBundang Line
    Army rape case
    Copyright Issue

2) Video round-up
    A Day Away in Jeonju
    Nami Island
    KORAIL flute

3) QOTW: What’s your favorite afternoon snack? Send replies to or @qiranger on twitter.

4) Travel Topic: Korean Day Trips from 1013 Mainstreet.

5) Thanks

  • Scroozle

    Being mistaken for American soldier: I’d get mistaken for a soldier quite a few times in Daegu. Annoyed the hell out of me, but I’d generally be understanding.

    Even American soldiers would mistake me as one of theirs. Yeah….

    Rape case: Lots of people are complaining the American rape case resulted in a sentence that was TOO long. Compared to Koreans, I guess it was longer than standard (hell, even the Nayeong case resulted in 8 years), but I find it pathetic.

    All this reminds me of our convo in my blog a few months back about how serious the government is about stamping out sex crimes. The film Dogani is a perfect example of this (and even though it’s a brutal viewing experience, you need to watch it).

    YouTube music: I have honestly given up. I’d use public domain music and get slapped with a copyright notification, even if I was free to use it. They don’t even bother verifying the claims. Back when I made my Canada Day video, I used some MP3’s of the national anthem. It was from the government’s website, and they say it can used by all, for whatever purpose. When some music group on YT claimed it, that was the last straw.

    Now, I slap whatever music I feel fits the tone of the video. I don’t make any money from my videos, and while YT will notify me of matched third-party content, they don’t block them, so whatevah.

    [My video of the 3rd grade students dancing at their festival was flagged. It didn’t even have any extra audio tracks. The only music being played was from loudspeakers, that sounded crappy via my phone’s mic, from a distance of 100 metres. YT’s verification system is BS]

    QOTW: I don’t live in Canada, so I don’t eat afternoon snacks anymore! Sometimes there’s 떡 in the teachers’ office, and that’s great!