Hong Kong leaders and pro-democracy advocates are scheduled to meet today. Japanese PM Shinzo Abe recovers from two cabinet members stepping down, and German Intel points the finger at MH17’s killers.

TAB: Talks in Hong Kong, Abe’s appointments resign, and who shot down MH17

October 21, 2014 After a month of protests, pro-democracy leaders and city officials are scheduled to meet today to try and finally bring about a resolution to a movement that…

After a weekend of violence in Hong Kong, meetings are scheduled. Japan angers neighbors over Yasukuni visit. Kpop concert organizer commits suicide.

TAB: Violent Hong Kong Protests, Yasukuni Visit Angers Many, Kpop Organizer Dies

October 20, 2014 The past four days have seen a flurry of activity in Hong Kong, as police have used what it calls minimum force to remove pro-democracy protestors from…


New shops in Dongtan

Hey everyone I’m back this week to take a quick look around the block. This area continue to sees a lot of development. Let’s go take a look.

What are the financial implications of the Hong Kong Protests? Will the UN refer North Korea to the International Criminal Court for human rights abuses? The WHO tells Asia to get ready for Ebola. These stories and more are on the October 17th edition of Asia News Weekly.

ANW: Hong Kong’s economic future, will the UN refer the DPRK to the ICC, Ebola in Asia, and more

This week, police took to Hong Kong’s streets dismantling barricades erected by pro-democracy protestors as they re-opened the city’s arteries which have been blocked for weeks. Analysts suspect Beijing has…

The latest from Hong Kong as authorities crack down, North and South Korea meet, and a US Marine is arrested for murder in the Philippines.

TAB: Hong Kong protests get violent, the Koreas meet, and US Marine arrested for murder

October 16, 2014 What started off as police calmly removing barricades to free up traffic turned violent on Wednesday, as hundreds of police systematically and forcibly removed protesters from where…

South Korea charged against Tatsuya Kato for defaming South Korean President Park. Was it justified or is the Blue House silencing a journalist?

AN: South Korea indicts Tatsuya Kato for defamation. Was it justified or intimidation?

In an age where governments around the globe are employing various methods to keep tabs on their citizens in the name of national security, it’s never been more important to…

Police clash with Hong Kong Protesters, North Korea's Kim reappears and raises more questions, and Japanese Lawmakers prepare for a Yasukuni Shrine visit sure to anger South Korea and China.

TAB: Police clash with Hong Kong Protesters, North Korea’s Kim reappears, and Japanese Lawmakers prepare for Yasukuni visit

October 15, 2014 The streets of Hong Kong saw more action, as police used chainsaws and sledgehammers Tuesday to remove barricades from a main avenue in the financial district. Hundreds…

Protest groups clash in Hong Kong, Is Beijing getting ready to remove Leung, Seoul Mayor supports marriage equality, Vongfong sets its sights on Tokyo, and 12 get death sentences in Xinjiang.

TAB: Protesters clash in Hong Kong, Seoul Mayor champions same-sex marriages, and more

It’s Tuesday, October 14, 2014, and this is The Asia Brief. A new dawn breaks in Hong Kong, bringing with it more questions as to what will ultimately resolve a…

CY Leung becomes the center of attention after it’s disclosed he accepted HK$50m, Typhoon Vongfong bears down on Japan, and have renewed hopes for peace been scrapped in Korea?

TAB: Hong Kong’s CY Leung in trouble, Vongfong slams Japan, and Will Kim Jong-un show now?

It’s Monday, October 13, 2014, and this is The Asia Brief. Hong Kong braces for another week of protests, but not all of the action and intrigue is taking place…

The Umbrella Revolution continues in Hong Kong, will Kim Jong-un make an appearance today as North Korea celebrates Communism, and the changing face of the China Seas. These stories and more are on the October 10th edition of Asia News Weekly.

ANW: What’s happened in Hong Kong, will Kim Jong-un appear, and more

Asia News Weekly presents an extend edition, highlighting key developments in Hong Kong’s Occupy Central movement. Host Steve Miller brings listeners up to date with what occurred during the week,…